IPL 2020: 3 reasons why RCB haven’t won a single IPL Trophy

The perennial underachievers in the competition, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will hope to end their trophy-less run in IPL 2020. 

Come April, the streets of Bengaluru will be lined up in red-gold-black (RCB’s new jersey) for the thirteenth consecutive time, in hope of an IPL Trophy. This time though, the glint of metal on the horizon seems much distinct and achievable for the boys from the Garden City.

The team is balanced, a core is in place, and men in red-gold-black are in form. There is freshness in the revamped logo and jersey, and as the Royal Challengers Bangalore begin a new decade with IPL 2020, the fans are more optimistic than ever.

But, wait…haven’t we felt this before? Not once, but on many occasions. But yet, the glint of the metal has not uncovered to show its full form. While in a few seasons, the target was at the doorstep, at other times, the team completely lost the address.

The teams from Punjab and Delhi are also in the same category, but why is the talk always about the RCB? Well, there are many factors to it, but on the outset, the RCB’s remarkable loyal fan-base, and the presence of this generation’s most outrageous batsmen, Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers have triggered this attention.

As RCB get into a new phase with IPL 2020, we look back and analyze what went wrong the most with the franchise till now, and what is it that they have in stores for us in IPL 2020. So, on that note, here are three reasons why Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are yet to win the IPL Trophy.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, RCB Strengths and Weakness for IPL 2020
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) would be donning a new Jersey in IpL 2020 || Image Source: RCB

#3: Poor Bowling unit over the years

Bowling! Yes, It has been a hard job for the RCB bowlers over the years. Barring Mitchell Starc’s tenure in IPL 2015 when he made all the bowlers around him look good, in the other twelve seasons, RCB’s bowling as a whole has been lackluster.

While there has been individual brilliance over the years from Mitchell Starc, Anil Kumble, Yuzvendra Chahal, Dale Steyn, Sreenath Arvind in a year or two, the final output as a unit has always negated the team’s batting brilliance; be it defending a good score, or restricting a team batting first.

Having had a decade-long experience on the same Chinnaswamy track, the learning should have been applied in the right way; at least in one season, but that has not been the case. IPL 2019 was a perfect example where despite repeated failures, the team stuck with similar bowling strategies, which eventually led to their downfall.

Nonetheless, IPL 2020 does bring some hope to the RCB fans because there is tremendous potential in the bowling unit. The presence of Dale Steyn, Chris Morris, Kane Richardson, Navdeep Saini, Umesh Yadav, Mohammad Siraj in addition to Yuzvendra Chahal, Washington Sundar, and Moeen Ali give RCB their best bowling line-up till date.

#2: Leadership Issues

Yes, Virat Kohli’s decisions have baffled us at times, but he is not the sole person responsible for the team’s poor performance over the years. But, before discussing that, let us dwell a bit on the captains RCB have had so far.

Leaving aside AB De Villiers and Shane Watson, who have had brief stints at the helm, till now, RCB have had 5 captain’s in the last 12 years, namely – Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Kevin Pieterson, Daniel Vettori, and Virat Kohli. While Rahul and KP worked for just around a season, the others have held the job on a long-term basis.

Both, Anil Kumble and Daniel Vettori have one runners-up trophy to show for, and have done a marginally better job than Virat Kohli. While Virat has also led RCB to the finals once, he has many rock-bottom finishes, and has captained RCB in the most number of matches. Moreover, under Virat, the performance has mostly been below-par.

If we analyze their performance, the main reason for their underachievement could be pointed out to the lack of quality decision-making on and off the field. The batting-order, playing 11 selection, use of bowlers on the field, have all been questionable; mostly under Virat Kohli’s captaincy.

#1: Over-dependence on Certain Players

Cricket is a team sport, and that’s where RCB’s main reason for their failure until now lie. ABD, Gayle, and Virat have forever been the major three individuals who have won games for this team. The likes of Starc and Chahal have had cameos, but it is the aforementioned batting trio that has given the maximum number of victories to the franchise.

Even after Gayle’s departure, ABD and Virat have been the fulcrum centre in the last two seasons. So, when these two do not fire, RCB lose; It has become that simple. From the coach’s point-of-view too, he has no choice but to weave his strategy around these two individuals; the strategy that has often backfired.

All of this can be backtracked to the owner’s performance on the auction table. Two months are not enough to develop someone as a cricketer. Hence, skilled cricketers need to be purchased, all of whom must fit into the coach’s vision. This has not happened, and hence, the team has failed, quite often. 


Come to IPL 2020, the current RCB squad is brimming with talented Cricketers. If we ignore their weaknesses, for the time being, RCB’s current strength is their bowling unit, and It is probably for the first time, the current squad would have bowling centred strategy, which can turn the fortunes for them.

So, as a true and loyal fan, I wish, and just hope that ‘Ee Sala cup Namde’ comes to life in IPL 2020.

Thanks for reading! What is your view on why RCB haven’t won a single IPL trophy till date? Please, let’s know in the comments. 

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