Twitter Reactions: Hilarious build up to the India vs England clash

Twitter is flooded with funny reactions in the build-up to the India vs England clash at World Cup 2019.

A few upsets and setbacks in the tournament now has Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka cheering for India against England.

Given the rich but infamous history of India-Pakistan bond, cricket seems to be the appeaser.

Less than a month ago, there were conspiracy claims regarding how TV advertisements were biased towards one nation. However, the clash ended with India continuing their dominance gaining a 7-0 against Pakistan at World Cups.

Why are Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka wooing for India?

Until the mid of the tournament, the 2019 edition of the World Cup was turning out to be a dull affair. The race for a spot in the knockouts didn’t seem competitive by any angle. The Kiwis, Indians, Aussies and the hosts, England were assured of the top 4 finish.

However, a terrific victory by the Lankans against England saw the tournament open up, while another upset by Pakistan against the-then unbeaten Kiwis side created an interesting twist.

Now, we are in a unique situation where if England win, Srilanka would almost be out, and Pakistan and Bangladesh, who are on 9 and 7 points respectively would find it difficult to qualify for the semis.

However, if England lose, they would then find it difficult to qualify, and all three would have a superb chance to qualify for the semis.

Meanwhile, Scores of Pakistani fans are posting tweets in favor of India. However, local netizens are having a gala time making fun of their helpless neighbors.

Let us have a look at a few of these hilarious Twitter reactions on India vs England clash at World Cup 2019.


Team India, we hope continue their dream run irrespective of anything else. In other words, we hope no external factors affect the teams’ morale.

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