Exclusive: Yuvraj Singh is my Cricket Crush- Rohit Sharma

Yuvraj Singh feels Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are the only role models in the current Indian team in his exclusive chat with Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh interacted on a live Instagram session a couple of days back. The superstars of Indian cricket conversed on a lot of topics, ranging from crushes to the current team environment.

The ‘Hitman’ revealed that Yuvraj Singh was his ‘cricket crush’. The revelation also disclosed how Rohit used to admire Yuvraj and his preparations. In addition, Rohit had also narrated an incident wherein he occupied the seat, reserved for Yuvraj in the team bus.

In spite of initial hesitation, the two stalwarts have bonded well over the years, and sharing the dressing room during IPL for Mumbai Indians has only made their bonding stronger.

Rohit Sharma and his 'cricket crush' Yuvraj Singh
Rohit Sharma and his ‘cricket crush’ Yuvraj Singh. Credits: The Quint

Moving on, Rohit asked how the Indian cricket team has changed from Yuvraj’s early years to the current set up. Always known for his straight forward nature, Yuvraj recalled the time when he entered the Indian team. He reminisced the fact that his seniors were very disciplined. Yuvraj tells Rohit that he learnt a lot from watching how his seniors carried themselves. The way they worked hard, handled media was a great learning curve for Yuvraj.

Lack of role models

The former all-rounder also tells how the players who are representing the nation must be very careful about their public image. Adding on, he feels that social media and lack of role models to look up to for the newcomers is a worrying factor. With only Rohit and Virat currently playing all three formats, the line of respect between seniors and juniors is very thin.

Yuvraj specified the role of humongous contracts that the juniors receive in IPL, as a reason for distraction. The party culture also has its role to play in the distraction, feels Yuvraj. He also recollects how all these didn’t even pop up in his mind, in his early days, owing to the immense respect towards seniors. The 2011 World Cup hero spoke about how financial illiteracy among players can also act as a distraction. He speaks on how coaches, senior players, mentors should guide the juniors in the right path.

Playing for your country, and you know, working hard on the field and then all these things will follow – Yuvraj Singh

The immense experience of playing at the highest level for more than a decade is flowing out in the form of words. We miss Yuvraj Singh in the blue. Hope he returns in some form or the other to mentor the upcoming talents and groom them properly.

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