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IPL 2023: Revamped Format Changes and Rules – Whats New?

A new year sees a few changes as we look at the updated format changes and Impact Player rules for IPL 2023. 

The Indian Premier League is entering its 16th edition, and the new year is bringing in new rules and format changes to keep the tournament exciting and users engaging. IPL is always regarded as a tournament that brings the best in class of cricket when it comes to technology or players.

With a slightly revamped format and rule changes, we will see the IPL brand getting more recognition. In terms of the format, the core of the 10 teams remains the same as in 2022. However, the year 2023 shall see an extension of the rules and a minor change in the format. 

To recall, the year 2022 saw IPL switching to a 10-team format. This is unlike the previous years where we had been seeing 8 teams. A change in the number of teams saw IPL moving from a 60-match tournament to a 74-match tournament. Similarly, not every team will be playing the other nine teams twice as we had been seeing before 2022.

The core format remains the same for 2023 as well. So, we should see a total of 74 matches between the 10 teams including four play-off matches. Meanwhile, as per the leading IPL betting website, Chennai Super Kings are the favourites to win IPL 2023 with odds at 2.5.

IPL 2023 Groups and Format

So, the key difference this year is the way the groups have been divided. To recap, in 2022 teams were grouped based on the number of trophy wins and final appearances. However, this year, a random draw was performed to determine the teams featuring in different groups. 

Given the random draw, Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, and Lucknow Super Giants were placed in  Group A. Whereas Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Gujarat Titans, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Punjab Kings were placed in Group B. 

Each team will play the teams of their respective once and the teams of other groups twice. For example, Mumbai Indians, who are placed in Group A will play KKR once, but will play CSK twice. It’s interesting how the schedule is designed as fortunately, we are able to see MI and CSK play twice. 

Impact Player New Rule for IPL 2023

As a new experiment, BCCI has allowed teams to bring an impact player at any time during the match. What that means is fielding team will be given the freedom to bring in an additional bowler while bowling first or second. Whereas the batting team can bring in an extra batter while batting first or second. 

Interestingly, teams can bring in the Impact player during any stage of the match. For example, Bhuvneshwar Kumar completes his four over quota by bowing overs 1, 3, 5, and 7. SRH can then replace Bhuvi with another bowler, who can also bowl four more overs; but at the expense of overs of other bowlers, or with a batter, who will help the team chase in the second innings. 

Similarly, while batting first specialist batter Ruturaj Gaikwad from CSK gets out for a duck. To compensate this, MS Dhoni can bring in an additional batter anytime before the 14th over. The new batter can play as usual for the remainder of the match. However, Ruturaj Gaikwad won’t be able to participate any further in the match; not even as a substitute. 

The Captain of both teams can use the Impact Player at the start of the innings; when a batter retires; when a wicket falls, or at the end of any over. Also, an impact player can only be used from four substitutes each team names at the toss. Importantly, an impact player can only be an Indian player unless there are fewer than four overseas players in the playing 11. 

Playing 11 Rule Change for IPL 2023: 

For the playing 11, both teams can name their playing 11 after the toss. So, assumingly, each team might carry two playing 11s with them – one for batting first and the other for bowling first, and name them based on the result of the toss. This will help eliminate the probability of toss controlling the outcome of the game. 

IPL 2023 New Rules

IPL 2023 shall see a plethora of new rules that will make the tournament exciting. All the other key and important rules are below

  • In case the fielding team doesn’t complete the overs in the allotted time, only four players shall be allowed outside the 30-yard circle past the allotted time.
  • Any unfair movement of a wicketkeeper or a fielder shall result in a dead ball and the batting team shall get 5 penalty runs.
  • Players can now also appeal for a No ball or Wide ball. 

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