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IPL 2023: High Salary Zero Performance 11 of the Season

Ben Stokes, the standout as we look at the high salary zero performance 11 of the season for IPL 2023. 

What a fantastic year of IPL we have seen as Chennai Super Kings won their fifth IPL title with a thumping win over the defending champions, Gujarat Titans. Heartbreak for the spirited Gujarat Titans, but It was a complete team performance from CSK with contributions from almost everyone in the team.

With that, the focus is now again on one topic that generates the most excitement, Money. It is no secret that Money is the center stage in IPL. Be it sponsors, player salaries, or Media rights, Money is everywhere. But one thing that is exciting to know as always is how have players performed vis-a-vis their salaries.

So, in the first of our two key articles, we shall take a look at the worst Value for Money Players 11 of the season for IPL 2023. Simply put, we will select a team of 11 players, who have performed the worst basis their salary. The team that we will select will have no restriction to the overseas players, but will have at least 5 bowling options and 1 wicket-keeper.   

Cricalytics Stats Wizard Methodology:

For analysis per se, we have taken 3 important parameters into consideration, namely the IPL 2023 Salary of a player, Bang for Buck (BFB) Points, and Cost per BFB Point. The final Cost per BFB Point of each player is then compared across 5 categories – Openers, Middle-order, All-rounders, Spinners, and Pacers.

The player with the highest Cost per BFB Point is considered in this 11. Meanwhile, here are some important terms to help you understand the article. 

  • IPL 2023 Salary: The compensation paid by a franchise to a player for a particular season  
  • BFB Points: BFB points are calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, wickets taken, consistency, acceleration bonus, economy rate bonus, dot balls bonus, number of catches taken, number of stumpings done, number of fours & sixes hit, number of match-winning knocks and spells, and so on. 
  • Cost per BFBP: It is a simple ratio of the IPL 2023 salary of a player to his BFB points. 

High Salary Zero Performance 11 of the Season for IPL 2023:  

#1: Harry Brook (SRH) 

Salary: 13.25 Cr // BFB Points: 302.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 438.1K

The first opener on the list is SRH’s Harry Brook. Brook, who was purchased by SRH for a whopping 13.25 Cr had a horrible tournament even after playing for 11 matches. He scored a total of 190 runs with an average of just 21. With a cost of 13.25 Cr, Brook got only 302.5 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP comes to INR 438.1K. 

#2: Prithvi Shaw (DC)

Salary: INR  7.5 Cr // BFB Points: 199 // Cost per BFBP: INR 376.8K

The second opener on the list shouldn’t be a surprise either with Delhi Capitals’ Prithvi Shaw taking the charge. Shaw, who was dropped at the halfway stage played 8 matches this year amassing only 106 runs. With a cost of 7.5 Cr, Shaw could only manage 199 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP comes to INR 376.8K. 

#3: Deepak Hooda (LSG) 

Salary: INR 5.75 Cr // BFB Points: 194.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 295.6K

Number 3 on the list is Lucknow Super Giants’ Deepak Hooda. Hooda, who was purchased by LSG for INR 5.75 Cr had a horror of a tournament. He could only manage 90 runs from 12 innings at a horrible average of 7.6. With a cost of 5.75 Cr, Hooda could only manage 194.5 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP comes to INR 295.6K.

#4: Ben Stokes (CSK) 

Salary: INR 16.25 Cr // BFB Points: 39 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4.16 Million

Played only two matches when in fact given the amount CSK invested in Stokes, he should have played more when available. But CSK and Dhoni’s mantra of persisting with the same team meant Stokes remained on the bench for the majority of the tournament. Stokes played only two matches, and could only muster 39 BFB Points. His Cost per BFBP of INR 4.16 Million remains the worst among all players.

#5: Riyan Parag (RR)

Salary: INR 3.8 Cr // BFB Points: 121 // Cost per BFBP: INR 314.1K

Talk about performance, and one name that will always show up, but in a negative way is Rajasthan Royals’ Riyan Parag. Riyan, who played 7 matches for RR scored only 78 runs overall. With a high salary of INR 3.8 Cr, Parag could only get 121 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at a poor INR 314.1K.  

#6: Dinesh Karthik (RCB)

Salary: INR 5.5 Cr // BFB Points: 345.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 159.2K

The worst-performing wicket-keeper batter of the season belongs to Dinesh Karthik from Royal Challengers Bangalore. Taking a salary of INR 5.5 Cr, DK failed to impress in batting as well as keeping department. Overall, he could only score 140 runs from 13 innings. With a salary of INR 5.5 Cr, he could only muster 345.5 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 159.2K. 

#7: Jason Holder (RR)

Salary: INR 5.75 Cr // BFB Points: 231.3 // Cost per BFBP: INR 248.6K

At number 7, we have the worst performing all-rounder of the year, Jason Holder. Holder, who was bought by Rajasthan Royals for INR 5.75 Cr didn’t impress a bit in the 8 matches he played with a meager 12 runs and 4 wickets to his name. With such a high cost, Holder’s BFB Points stand at 231.3 with a Cost per BFBP of INR 248.6K. 

#8: Jofra Archer (MI)

Salary: INR 8 Cr // BFB Points: 117 // Cost per BFBP: INR 683.6K

At number 8, we have Mumbai Indians’ pace spearhead, Jofra Archer at a salary of INR 8 Cr. A lot was expected from Archer this season, but not only has he been disappointing, his injury issues ruled him out for most of the tournament. With a cost as high as INR 8 Cr, Archer could only score 117 BFB Points, and his cost per BFBP stands at INR 683.6K. 

#9: Kagiso Rabada (PBKS) 

Salary: INR 9.25 Cr // BFB Points: 314.98 // Cost per BFBP: INR 296.7K

At number 9, we have Kagiso Rabada with a salary of INR 9.25 Cr. Rabada, who was purchased by PBKS wasn’t their first-choice option for the majority of the tournament. But that was still fine if he performed well in the opportunities he got. Unfortunately, in the 6 matches Rabada played, he could only muster 314.98 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 296.7K. 

#10: Avesh Khan (LSG)

Salary: INR 10 Cr // BFB Points: 687// Cost per BFBP: INR 306.3K

Finally an Indian pacer in the list, and it’s Avesh Khan from Lucknow Super Giants. Avesh, who was purchased by LSG for a whopping 10 Cr performed horribly this year. Being dropped a few times, Avesh played only 9 matches while taking 8 wickets. With a salary of INR 10 Cr, Avesh could only get 326.5 BFB Points. Whereas his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 306.3K. 

#11: Lockie Ferguson (KKR)

Salary: INR 10 Cr // BFB Points: 33.7 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2.97 Million

Similar to Avesh Khan’s salary, but a non-praise-worthy performance. Lockie featured in only 3 matches before being sidelined completely. While the injury did rule him out for a few matches, he was never preferred again. With a huge cost of INR 10 Cr, Lockie could only get 33.7 BFB Points. Whereas his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 2.97 Million.  

IPL 2023 – Worst Value for Money Playing 11 of the Tournament: 

Harry Brook, Prithvi Shaw, Deepak Hooda, Ben Stokes, Riyan Parag, Dinesh Karthik, Jason Holder, Jofra Archer, Kagiso Rabada, Avesh Khan & Lockie Ferguson

Thanks for reading! What’s your high salary zero performance 11 of the season for IPL 2023? Please email your comments to

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