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Explained: Cost Efficient and Best Bang for Buck 11 for IPL 2023

Matheesha Pathirana, the most cost-efficient as we look at the Bang for Buck Analysis 11 of the season for IPL 2023. 

A fantastic season of the Indian Premier League, the IPL 2023 has come to a successful end. Say what, but we are already missing the thrill and excitement that the tournament gave us. Not only did we see two competitive teams, CSK and GT in the final, but we also saw a lot of uncapped players making their mark in the tournament. 

The rising stars as we call them not always come at a high salary. A lot of teams spend their time and money hunting local talent that cost them a penny. From the players that are hired at a lower salary, some don’t get the opportunity to play, some can’t impress much, but some make a mark worth noting. Also, as per the online betting site Betway, teams with such players have better bets between 2-2.5.  

So, with the data that we have in hand, let’s look at 11 such players who would form a part of the Cost Efficient Team List for IPL 2023. We call them the best Bang for Buck players. So, in order to select the players, we shall stick to our tried and tested methodology as defined below. Also, the 11 is selected with a minimum of 1 wicket-keeper, 5 batters, and 5 bowling options. 

The Cost-Efficient and Best Bang for Buck 11 for IPL 2023:  

Cricalytics Stats Wizard Methodology:

For analysis per se, we have taken 3 important parameters into consideration, namely the IPL 2023 Salary of a player, Bang for Buck (BFB) Points, and Cost per BFBP. The final Cost per BFBP of each player is then compared across 5 categories – Openers, Middle-order, All-rounders, Spinners, and Pacers.

The players with the lowest Cost per BFBP are considered as a part of this 11. Meanwhile, here are some important terms to help you understand the article. 

  • IPL 2023 Salary: The compensation paid by a franchise to a player for a particular season  
  • BFB Points: BFB points are calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, wickets taken, consistency, acceleration bonus, economy rate bonus, dot balls bonus, number of catches taken, number of stumpings done, number of fours & sixes hit, number of match-winning knocks and spells, and so on. 
  • Cost per BFBP: It is a simple ratio of the IPL 2023 salary of a player to his BFB Points. 

#1: Ayush Badoni (LSG) 

Salary: 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 479.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4171

The first opener on the list, Ayush Badoni played an important role for Lucknow Super Giants. Badoni played all 15 matches for Lucknow, and was flexible in his batting order – be it opening, middle-order, or finishing. Having scored a good 238 runs, Badoni managed a total of 479.5 BFB Points and his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 4171. 

#2: Atharva Taide (PBKS)

Salary: INR  0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 451 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4434.6

The second opener in the 11 is Atharva Taide from Punjab Kings. Atrharva came in as a replacement for injured Dhawan, and impressed in the games he played for PBKS. He scored a good 186 runs from 7 innings with 2 fifties to his name. Atharva secured a total of 451 BFB Points and his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 4434.6. 

#3: Sai Sudharsan (GT) 

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 748.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2672

Number 3 needs no introduction as it is the Key Player for the IPL 2023 final, Sai Sudharsan. Sai impressed everyone with his amazing temperament. He only played 8 innings for GT, but managed to score a superb 362 runs for them. Even with just 8 innings, Sai got a total of 748.5 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at an amazing INR 2672; the fourth-best among all players.

#4: Nehal Wadhera (MI) 

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 426.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4689.3

At number 4, we have another amazing left-hander, but this time from Mumbai Indians. At a cost of just 0.2 Cr, Nehal Wadera was one of the key lower-order players for Mumbai Indians. Nehal scored a valuable 241 runs from just 10 innings including 2 superb fifties. Given the cost, Nehal managed to get a total of 426.5 BFB Points at a Cost per BFBP of INR 4689.3. 

#5: Rinku Singh (KKR)

Salary: INR 0.55 Cr // BFB Points: 1114.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4935

Number 5 has got to be the most impressive batter on the list this year. So much so that Rinku is undoubtedly the contender for the Best Team of the Tournament. Playing as a finisher for KKR, Rinku scored a solid 474 runs from 14 innings. At a cost of 0.55 Cr, Rinku managed to get a total of 1114.5 BFB Points with a Cost per BFBP of INR 4935. 

#6:Jitesh Sharma (PBKS)

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 761 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2628.1

The most cost-efficient wicket-keeper of the season, and the person that impressed the most with his hitting abilities, is Jitesh Sharma from Punjab Kings. Jitesh scored a brilliant 309 runs for Punjab Kings batting as a finisher. At a cost of just 0.2 Cr, Jitesh managed to score a total of 761 BFB points with a Cost per BFBP of INR 2628.1. 

#7: Noor Ahmad (GT)

Salary: INR 0.3 Cr // BFB Points: 775.9 // Cost per BFBP: INR 3866.5

The most efficient spinner of the tournament, Noor Ahmad played a vital role in the success of Gujarat Titans. Bought at a price of just INR 0.3 Cr, Noor managed to take 16 wickets from 13 innings this season at a good average of 23.1. Overall, Noor got a total of 775.9 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at a good INR 3866.5.

#8: Mohit Sharma (GT)

Salary: INR 0.5 Cr // BFB Points: 1174.4 // Cost per BFBP: INR 4257.5

Number 8 is the second-highest wicket-taker of the season, Mohit Sharma. The resurgence of Mohit in IPL is no less than an inspiration. Mohit took a stunning 27 wickets this season from just 14 innings. At a cost of INR 0.5 Cr, Mohit gets a total of 1174.4 BFB Points; the most in this list, and his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 4257.5.  

#9: Akash Madhwal (MI) 

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 550.2 // Cost per BFBP: INR 3635

Number 9 is another pacer, but this time from Mumbai Indians. Madhwal looked quite impressive as a death overs bowler for MI. His pace and accuracy while bowling the Yorkers were exceptional. Madhwal took a solid 14 wickets from just 8 innings, thus getting a total of 550.2 BFB Points. Whereas his Cost per BFBP stands at INR 3635. 

#10: Tushar Deshpande (CSK)

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 928.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2154

Number 10 is the uncapped player with the most wickets this season, Tushar Deshpande. It has been a wonderful season for Tushar with a truckload 21 wickets from 16 innings. Even as Tushar’s economy is high at 9.9, his ability to take wickets is commendable. At a cost of INR 0.2 Cr, Tushar is the second-most efficient player on the list with a Cost per BFBP of INR 2154. 

#11: Matheesha Pathirana (CSK)

Salary: INR 0.2 Cr // BFB Points: 941.8 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2123.6

The most efficient member of the team is the Sri Lankan pacer, Matheesha Pathitana. At just 0.2 Cr, Pathirana gave a performance worth remembering. Pathirana took a total of 19 wickets from just 12 innings. He managed to secure a total of 941.8 BFB Points, and his Cost per BFBP stands at 2123.6; the lowest among all players.  

IPL 2023 – The Most Cost Efficient 11 of the Season: 

Ayush Badoni, Atharva Taide, Sai Sudharsan, Nehal Wadhera, Rinku Singh, Jitesh Sharma [wk], Noor Ahmad, Mohit Sharma, Akash Madhwal, Tushar Deshpande & Matheesha Pathirana

Thanks for reading! What’s your Cost efficient 11 of the season for IPL 2023? Please email your comments to

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