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T20 Mumbai 2019: Team of the Tournament by AK4Tsay1

Prithvi Shaw to lead the T20 Mumbai 2019 Team of the Tournament. 

Into its second season, T20 Mumbai has already become an exciting tournament for the young talents emerging from the evergreen, Mumbai region.

The 2019 season of T20 Mumbai saw some really exciting talents and superstars in the form of Prithvi Shaw, SuryaKumar Yadav, Arjun Tendulkar, Shreyas Iyer, Dhrumil Matkar, Shubham Ranjane, Aditya Tare, etc.

After some fantastic cricket throughout the tournament, North Mumbai Panthers emerged as victorious in the second edition of T20 Mumbai.  Alright then, as exciting as it sounds, it is our turn to find out the team of the tournament for the T20 Mumbai 2019 season.

Like always, we would be calculating the team of the tournament based on the performance rating rather than pure perception.

Also, please note, the team combination has been decided based on the following criteria

  1. 2 Openers, 3 Middle-order players, 2 all-rounders, 2 spinners and 2 pacers.
  2. A player must have played a minimum of 5 matches

So, who makes it to our T20 Mumbai 2019, team of the tournament? Let’s find out. 



Runs: 249  | Inns: 6 | Avg: 49.8 | SR: 149.1

The captain of our team, and our first opener, is North Mumbai Panthers’ Prithvi Shaw. After a decent IPL 2019, Prithvi Shaw had a lot of expectations riding on him as he was considered as one of the star players of the tournament. 

He did a fantastic job as he ended the tournament as the leading run scorer with a total of 249 runs from 6 innings at an average of 49.8 and an amazing strike rate of 149.1. He was also awarded the player of the tournament for his successful campaign, both as a player and as a captain. 


Runs: 231  | Inns: 6 | Avg: 46.2 | SR: 129.77

Akhil Herwadkar finished as the leading run-getter for the ARCS Andheri. 

As an opener, he managed to score a total of 231 runs from 6 innings at an average of 46.2 and a strike rate of 129.77.

Akhil played two match-winning knocks and had three fifties to his name. 



Runs: 244  | Inns: 5 | Avg: 48.8 | SR: 138.63

Our wicket-keeper, and the only player representing our team from the Eagle Thane Strikers is  Aditya Tare. 

Aditya Tare finished the 2019 campaign as the second highest scorer with a total of 244 runs from 5 innings at an average of 48.8 and a strike rate of 138.63.

Tare was the most consistent batsman with a consistency of 80%. He was also the player with most boundaries in the 2019 edition.


Runs: 202  | Inns: 5 | Avg: 67.33 | SR: 129.48

The stylish, Triumph Knights’ Suryakumar Yadav is our core middle-order batsman. 

After a successful 2018 campaign and a successful IPL 2019, Suryakumar Yadav continued with his golden form as he smashed a solid 202 runs from 5 innings at a superb average of 67.33 and a strike rate of 129.48.

His epic knock of 90(56) against the Aakash Tigers was one of the best knocks of the season. 


Runs: 197  | Inns: 6 | Avg: 49.25 | SR: 141.72

The prolific finisher from the ARCS Andheri, Shubham Ranjane is our final middle-order player.

Shubham had a fantastic campaign as him alongside Akhil Herwadkar held the batting of the ARCS Andheri.

Shubham ended the 2019 campaign with a total of 197 runs from 6 innings at an average of 49.25 and a strike rate of 141.72.



Runs: 167  | Inns: 5 | Avg: 55.56 | SR: 150.45

Wkts: 6 | ER: 6.91

Our first all-rounder and the only player representing our team from the NaMo Bandra Blasters, Sujit Nayak was the best finisher of the 2019 season.

He scored with a total of 167 runs from 5 innings at an awesome average of 55.56 and a brilliant strike rate of 150.45.

His strike rate of 150.45 was second best to Hersh Tenk among players scoring 150 runs or more. 


Runs: 229  | Inns: 7 | Avg: 38.16 | SR: 133.91

Wkts: 7 | ER: 6.36

Parag Khanapurkar could well be the most valuable player of the 2019 edition.

An astonishing 229 runs from 7 innings at an average of 38.16 and a strike rate of 133.91 as a batsman and a total of 7 wickets at an unbelievable average of 10 and an economy rate of 6.26.  

Parag’s epic knock of 96(49) against the ARCS Andheri was one of the top highlights of the season. 



Wkts: 7 | Inns: 6 | Avg: 16.57 | ER: 5.04

The most economical bowler of the season, Rahul Sawant kept it tight, and was one of the main reasons for the North Mumbai Panthers’ triumph. 

Rahul took a total of 7 wickets from 6 innings at an average of 16.57 and an amazing economy rate of 5.04. 

It was his economy rate that earned him a place in this team. Moreover, with a consistency of 83.33%, he was the second most consistent bowler of the season.


Wkts: 15 | Inns: 7 | Avg: 12 | ER: 6.66

The best and the most successful bowler of the season, Dhrumil Matkar is our second spinner. 

Dhrumil took a total of 15 wickets from 7 innings at an average of 12 and an economy rate of 6.66 making him the only bowler to take more than 2 wickets per innings on an average.

He is also the most consistent bowler of the season with a consistency of 85.71%, and his 5-32 against the Aakash Tigers is easily the best spell of the tournament. 


Wkts: 12 | Inns: 7 | Avg: 18.08 | ER: 8.03

The speedster from the North Mumbai Panthers, Atif Attarwala is our key pacer of the tournament.  His epic performance of 3-20 in the finals is one of the important highlights of the season. Overall, Atif took a total of 12 wickets from 7 innings at an average of 18.08 and an economy rate of 8.03.


Wkts: 10 | Inns: 5 | Avg: 14.3 | ER: 7.94

Our final player is Triumph Knights’, Royston Dias.

Royston Dias was very impressive in the 5 innings he played as he took a total of 10 wickets at an average of 14.3 and an economy rate of 7.94.

Royston was Triumph Knights’ leading wicket-taker, and his impressive spell of 4-26 against the SoBo SuperSonics was a treat to the eyes. 

So, that completes our team of the tournament for T20 Mumbai 2019. Here’s the complete team

T20 Mumbai 2019- Team of the tournament

Prithvi Shaw, Akhil Herwadkar, Aditya Tare, Surya Kumar Yadav, Shubman Ranjane, Sujit Nayak, Parag Khanapurkar, Rahul Sawant, Dhrumil Matkar, Atif Attarwala, Royston Dias

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