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Asia Cup 2023: Complete Final Schedule List – Download Now

India vs Pakistan on September 02 as we look at the final official schedule download for Asia Cup 2023.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Wednesday, July 19th officially announced the schedule for the 16th edition of the Asia Cup. One of the most anticipated tournaments of the year, the Asia Cup 2023 shall commence on August 30 with Pakistan taking on Nepal, and will conclude with the grand finale on September 17.

Sri Lanka and Pakistan will jointly host the Asia Cup 2023 as decided by Asian Cricket Council a few weeks back. While Pakistan will host a total of 4 matches, Sri Lanka will host the remaining 9 matches including the Grand finale. For Pakistan, Multan and Lahore will host the matches, and for Sri Lanka, Kandy and Colombo will host the matches.

Similar to Asia Cup 2022, a total of 6 teams will be playing in the tournament. The teams include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Asia Cup qualifiers winner Nepal. However, unlike Asia Cup 2022, which was played in the T20 format, the 2023 Asia Cup shall be played in the ODI format. 

Given the format, India are expected to play Pakistan at least twice in the tournament, and if both qualify for the final, they will play each other thrice; thus forming a perfect 3-match series setup. The first India vs Pakistan is scheduled on September 02, Saturday. Whereas the Super Four India vs Pakistan match is scheduled on September 10, Sunday.  

Asia Cup 2023 Format:

The tournament shall see a total of 13 matches for 19 days. The tournament shall start with Group stage matches where three teams are divided into two groups. Each team will play the other two teams once, thus a total of 6 group stage matches. The top 2 teams from each group will then proceed to Super Four matches. 

The Super Four matches shall consist of 4 teams, and every team will play the other three teams once; thus a total of 3 matches per team, and a total of 6 Super Four matches. The top 2 teams from the Super Four stage will then play the Grand finale on September 17 at the Premadasa Stadium of Colombo.

It is important to note that India will be A2 and Pakistan will be A1 irrespective of their standings in Group A. If any of them do not qualify, Nepal will take their place. Similarly, Sri Lanka will be B1 and Bangladesh will be B2 irrespective of their standings in Group Stage. If any of them do not qualify, Afghanistan will take their place in Super Four. 

Asia Cup 2023 Team India Schedule:

Team India will be playing a total of two Group Stage matches. The first match will be played against Pakistan on September 02 and the second match will be played against Nepal on September 04. Both matches will commence in the Kandy City of Sri Lanka. The timings of any of the matches aren’t out yet. The ACC is yet to update it officially. 

If Team India qualifiy for the Super Four stage, they will play their matches on September 10, 12, and 15 respectively. If Pakistan and India both qualify for the Super Four, they will meet again on September 10. Also, if both qualify for the final, they will meet again on September 17. 

  • 1st Match – India vs Pakistan – September 02 @ Kandy
  • 2nd Match – India vs Nepal – September 04 @ Kandy
  • 3rd Match – A1 vs A2 (India) – September 10 @Colombo
  • 4th Match – A2 (India) vs B1 – September 12 @ Colombo
  • 5th Match – A2 (India) vs B2 – September 15 @ Colombo

So, that’s about the complete final schedule for Asia Cup 2023. Overall, the Asia Cup will act as a great platform for all teams to take a step towards the ODI World Cup 2023. On top of it, it would be exciting to see India and Pakistan fight against each other. 

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