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IPL 2021: Official Schedule announced by BCCI – Begins April 9

MI and RCB to play the tournament opener in Chennai on April 9th as BCCI announces the official schedule for IPL 2021.

It feels as if it was yesterday when IPL 2020 was completed, and Mumbai Indians were crowned champions for the fifth time in IPL. Exactly 4 months later, the BCCI has announced the official schedule for the 14th edition of the Tournament, IPL 2021. 

The Tournament would commence official from April 9 in Chennai with defending champions, Mumbai Indians taking on Royal Challengers Bangalore. The good news, however, is that, unlike the previous edition, IPL 2021 is going to be played entirely in India with all safety protocols in designated 6 locations across India.

The Tournament is expected to run for 53 days with the final to be played at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on May 30th. In between, teams would play 11 double-headers. Interestingly, unlike last year, the double-headers would also be played on weekdays. Overall, 4 double-headers would be played on weekdays.

Key Changes:

The 6 locations that are finalized for IPL 2021 are Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Banglore, and Ahmedabad. Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Punjab won’t host any of the IPL 2021 matches. Given that IPL 2021 would not be played at 8 regular locations, none of the teams would play at their regular home location; hence no clear home advantage for any team.

Overall, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi would host 10 group stage matches each. Whereas, Ahmedabad and Delhi would host 8 group stage matches each. Ahmedabad would also host all the play-off matches for IPL 2021. Qualifier 1 would be played on May 25, eliminator 2 on May 26, qualifier 2 on May 28, and the final would be played on May 30th. 

It is also important to note that, teams would be playing in a cluster of two cities each. The teams would first play their matches in Mumbai and Chennai. They would then move to Ahmedabad and Delhi. Finally, the teams would play their remaining group stage matches in Bangalore and Kolkata. 

Official Update:

So, we are just a month away from the hottest T20 tournament in the world. The excitement is definitely at its peak. What makes this tournament more special is that no team would have clear home advantage, and the teams have also accumulated their squads in such a way that they can play on all pitches. 

To recap, Mumbai Indians have 5 titles to their name. Chennai Super Kings have 3 titles to their name. Kolkata Knight Riders have 2 titles to their name. Whereas Sunrisers Hyderabad, Deccan Chargers, and Rajasthan Royals have 3 titles to their name. If Mumbai Indians are able to win IPL 2021, they will become the first team in history to make it a hat-trick of IPL trophies. Will they be able to do it? Only time will tell. 

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