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Everything About ICC World Cup Super League 2020-22

The three-match ODI series between England and Ireland from July 30th has kickstarted ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is unquestionably the most important tournament in the cricketing calendar. Every player who picks up a bat or a ball hopes of playing in the competition, and it is a dream for almost every player out there to win the World Cup for their country.

Cricket, which was majorly dominated by a select few countries until the last decade has now seen a rise of the game in many other countries- largely termed as associates. While winning the World Cup  is still the ultimate goal, the associates are currently only competing to be a part of the mega tournament. 

Until the 2019 World Cup, Teams didn’t have a fair qualification criteria to be a part of the World cup. ICC faced harsh criticism before the previous World Cup as the number of participating teams were reduced, and a few of the nations were not thrilled with the move. Most importantly, nations were not impressed with the difficult qualification criteria.

However, it now appears that ICC has worked to amend its slip. The cricketing body has announced the Cricket World Super League- a brand new competition that will give adequate opportunities for the rising nations to feature at the World Cup. This is another step in the right direction just like the ICC World Test Championship. 

But, what is this ICC Cricket World Cup Super league? In this article, we take you through the structure of the tournament, and tell you how it would affect the 2023 World Cup in India.

What is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League?

Super League is a brand new ODI competition that has been announced by ICC. The first edition of the tournament will intend to decide the teams that would take part in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, scheduled in India. To take place across two years, Super League will also help enhance the stakes of the 50-over bilateral games.

A total of 13 teams would participate in the competition. While 12 full-member nations are automatically eligible for the tournament, Netherlands, courtesy of winning ICC World Cricket League Championship back in 201, would be the 13th participant.

The Structure of the Competition and Points Tally:

Each team in the competition will play three ODIs against eight other teams. While four of this will happen at home, the other four will be away encounters. In essence, all the teams play 24 games each, and the points accumulated at the end will decide their position on the table.

Of course, not all teams play each other, and the Super League will happen only within the boundaries of the Future Tour Programme (FTP) between the member-nations. It also needs to be noted that not all games henceforth will be a part of the Super League. Bilateral ODIs outside Super League will also happen, and if there are five-match series, only three pre-decided games will be considered for the Super League.

The points system will work straightforwardly. While the winner gets 10 points, the losing team gets none. In case of an abandoned or a tied game, each participant will get 5 points.

How will it affect the ICC World Cup 2023?

The teams that would feature at the 2023 CWC would depend on the Super League points table. The hosts, India qualify automatically. Whereas the top seven teams in the points table also get a straight ticket to the competition. The bottom 5 teams would then play a qualifying competition along with the 5 nations from the lower-tiers. By lower-tiers, we mean the CWC League 2 and CWC Challenge League. These 10 teams would then compete with each other for the final 2 spots.

Hence, with each point having relevance, games henceforth will not be out of context. Also, with the lower-ranked teams playing the established squads frequently, their levels will improve too.

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