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IPL 2024 Playoffs All Team Confirmed New Qualification Scenarios

KKR and RR aiming for top 2 finish as we look at the latest best Playoffs qualification scenarios for all 10 teams for IPL 2024. 

The IPL 2024 is entering the last leg of the group stage matches, and surprisingly, on paper, no team has qualified for the Playoffs as yet. Mathematically, though only Mumbai Indians are out of the tournament, who could only manage 4 wins from 12 games so far. While Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders are tied at 16 points, they need a win to confirm their spot, but their objective shall be for the top 2 finish.

At the end of match 55, both KKR and RR are tied at 16 points with RR playing a game less. CSK, LSG, and SRH follow them with 12 points from 11 games. The only thing differentiating them is NRR with CSK having a far superior NRR among the three. From the bottom five, only DC are chasing for 16 points, and the other three, PBKS, GT, and RCB can at max get to 14 points.

With almost 6 teams now fighting for the top 4 spots, how about we analyze the pending fixtures of all 10 teams, and look at the latest best playoffs qualification scenarios for IPL 2024?

Punjab Kings

M: 11 // PTS: 8 // NRR: -0.187

Next matches: RCB (H), RR (A) & SRH (A)

A win against CSK at their den did raise some hopes for the Punjab Kings. But a loss against the same team at home floored all their hopes with water. They currently have 8 points from 11 games, and if they win all three, they can at max get to 14 points. What’s more worrying for them is that they will be up against three dangerous sides in the form of RCB, RR, and SRH. Winning all three with a big margin looks next to impossible task for PBKS. So, expect them to win one, and finish on 10 points this season. 

Qualification Rank: 10

Mumbai Indians 

M: 11 // PTS: 8 // NRR: -0.212

Next matches: KKR (A) & LSG (H)

Be it Mathematically or realistically, MI are out of this year’s IPL. They can at max get to 12 points, and with 4 teams already tied at 12 points, only one among CSK, SRH, and LSG can remain at 12 points if they lose all their matches. But then if that happens, the bottom four teams will catch up, and someone else will end up at 12 points. So, consider MI to be out of this year’s IPL, and their next focus should the IPL 2025 Auction. 

Qualification Rank: 9

Gujarat Titans

M: 11 // PTS: 8 // NRR: -1.320

Next matches: CSK (H), KKR (H) & SRH (A)

The finalists of the last two years can finally say goodbye to his year as it looks almost next to impossible for Gujarat Titans to qualify for Playoffs this season. GT currently have 8 points from 11 games, they can at max get to 14 points from here. Given their inferior NRR of -1.320, even getting 14 points will not be enough for them as they will fall short of NRR. So, the best GT can do in the next matches is play spoilspot by defeating the strongest teams in the competition, CSK, KKR, and SRH. 

Qualification Rank: 8

Royal Challengers Bengaluru

M: 11 // PTS: 8 // NRR: -0.049

Next matches: PBKS (A), DC (H) & CSK (H) 

Slow but steady, a hat-trick of wins may have put RCB under the radar for a top 4 finish, but Playoffs is still a distant dream for the Challengers. They currently have 8 points from 11 games, and can at max get to 14 points. Now, 14 points look difficult for this season, and even 16 isn’t a sure-shot number to qualify. So, all RCB can do is play spoilspot by defeating the likes of CSK and DC, who are still in contention for a top 4 finish. 

Qualification Rank: 7

Delhi Capitals

M: 12 // PTS: 12 // NRR: -0.136

Next matches: RCB (A) & LSG (H)

With 6 wins from 12 games, Delhi Capitals are still in line for a Playoffs spot. If they can win 2 out of 2, they will at max get to 16 points. In their best-case scenario, DC would expect MI, GT, RCB, and PBKS to win most of their remaining matches. If that happens, RR, KKR, SRH, and DC shall be the four teams to qualify for the Playoffs with DC and SRH at 16 points each. However, this looks unlikely, and realistically, one can expect  KKR, RR, CSK, and SRH to qualify. 

Qualification Rank: 6

Lucknow Super Giants

M: 11 // PTS: 12 // NRR: -0.371

Next matches: SRH (A), DC (A), MI (A) 

Lucknow Super Giants were doing pretty well before their loss against Kolkata Knight Riders. With a loss against them, they are almost the same as CSK with 6 wins from 11 games. While 12 points from 11 games isn’t bad, the only issue for LSG is their NRR. There are high chances of them finishing on 16 points, and still not qualify. The match against SRH shall mostly decide who among them can go further. It looks difficult for LSG to win 2 out of 3 from here, and 14 looks pretty optimistic from here. 

Qualification Rank: 5

Sunrisers Hyderabad

M: 11 // PTS: 12 // NRR: -0.065

Next matches: LSG (H), GT (H) & PBKS (H)

A loss against MI have made things very interesting for Sunrisers Hyderabad. They currently have 12 points from 11 games, and are well and truly in with a chance for a top 4 finish. If they win two of their next three matches, it should technically be enough given the inferior NRR of LSG as well as DC. Moreover, the match against LSG should mostly decide who between these two will make it to the top 4. Given their next fixtures, expect SRH to finish on 16 points. 

Qualification Rank: 4

Chennai Super Kings

M: 11 // PTS: 12 // NRR: +0.700

Next matches: GT (A), RR (H) & RCB (A)

A season of ups and downs for CSK given the number of home games they have lost so far. Chennai is CSK’s fortress but that fortress has been breached a couple of times this season. However, CSK have improved their away game this time, and as a result, they have 12 points from 11 games. They have a game at home against RR, and two away games against GT and RCB. Technically, none of these three games pose a challenge for CSK, and if they win two, they are almost but in for a Playoffs spot. If they win three, a top 2 finish is still possible if RR lose three matches from here and CSK win all three. 

Qualification Rank: 3

Rajasthan Royals

M: 11 // PTS: 16 // NRR: +0.476

Next matches: CSK (A), PBKS (H) & KKR (H)

With 8 wins from 11 games, Rajasthan Royals are almost in for a spot in the Playoffs. While mathematically, there is a possibility of getting eliminated 16 points too from here, realistically speaking, it may not happen. With 3 more matches left, Rajasthan Royals must be aiming for the top 2 spots. With RR facing CSK, PBKS, and KKR next, expect them to win 2 matches to finish on 20 points. The match against KKR shall mostly decide who between these two finishes at the top. 

Qualification Rank: 2

Kolkata Knight Riders

M: 11 // PTS: 16 // NRR: +1.453

Next matches: MI (H), GT (A) & RR (A)

The toppers of the points table currently, the KKR have performed exceptionally well this season to secure 16 points from 11 games at an amazing NRR of 1.453. From here on, there can be only two teams who can reach 18 or more points with a positive NRR – that’s CSK and SRH. So, ideally, if KKR win just one of their remaining three matches, they are not only guaranteed a Playoffs spot but also a confirmed top 2 spot. 

Qualification Rank: 1

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