India vs Australia 2020-21: Test Series Player Performance Report Card

India vs Australia 2020-21: Pat Cummins, the stand-out player as we look at the player performance report card for the Test series.

As I write this article, it makes me extremely proud as I have witnessed the best performance I have seen from Team India in an overseas Test tour in the last 20-25 years. Of course, India defeated Australia 2-1 in 2018, but the motivation with which this Indian Team has played is at another level. They have defeated Australia 2-1 with almost a B side, and this also included a win a fortress Gabba. 

To recap, Team India were tormented in the first Test match and that left them mentally exhausted at the end of the first Test match. Post that, they were left without their captain, from the 2nd Test onwards, their key first-choice players like Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, and Ravindra Jadeja had to withdraw because of injuries. Even Ravichandran Ashwin, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hanuma Vihari suffered injuries to miss out on the final Test.

With all these factors, Ajinkya Rahane led the side with supreme confidence. He managed his limited-resources in a brilliant fashion, and his captaincy is something that deserves a much-deserved appreciation. Kudos also to Team India’s coach, Ravi Shastri, who played an important role behind the scenes to instil the much-needed motivation in the Indian team.  

The best thing about this side was the teamwork that we witnessed. The top 2 leading wicket-takers and runs-scorers were all Australians, but even then Team India won the series. The contribution came from almost everyone in the side. Right from Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill at the top to T Natarajan and Mohammed Siraj in the bowling dept.   

So, I watched all team India matches LIVE and followed the live scorecard during India vs Australia historic test series, and I am going to rate both teams players according to their performance based on our unique methodology as defined below. 

Stats Wizard Methodology:

Batting: As always, we have analyzed the batting performances basis the batting rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, consistency, the number of match-winning & good knocks, and relative percentage of Team runs. 

Bowling: We have analyzed the bowling performances basis the bowling rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as wickets taken, consistency, the number of match-winning and good spells, and relative percentage of Team wickets.

Alright then, let’s look at the Player Performance Report card for the India vs Australia 2021-21 Test series.

Team India:

#6: Cheteshwar Pujara (India) – 5

Inns: 8 || Runs: 271 || Avg: 33.9 || HS: 77

Cheteshwar Pujara started poorly in the first two Test matches having scored just 63 runs in 4 innings at an average of 15.75. However, he was back to his best in the last two matches with grit and determination to perform well in all 4 innings. His last two Tests yield 208 runs at an average of 52. These include two knocks of sheer patience that helped India to save the Test match from losing. Overall, Pujara gets a rating of 5 for his performance. 

#5: Shubman Gill (India) – 5.4

Inns: 6 || Runs: 259 || Avg: 51.8 || HS: 91

What a gem of an opener Team India have found on this tour in the form of Shubman Gill. He is fearless and sensible at the same time. He likes taking risks, but at the same time is calm and composed to value the situation. While he couldn’t play the first Test, which he definitely should have, he managed to score a total of 259 runs from the remaining 6 innings at a good average of 51.8. His 91 in the last match was just a testimonial of what a fine player he is going to be for Team India. 

#4: Mohammed Siraj (India) – 6.5

Inns: 6 || Wkts: 13 || Avg: 29.5 || SR: 62 || BBI: 5/73

A debut series performance that shall go down as one of the most memorable ones for Mohammed Siraj. He came into the final 11 as a replacement of injured Umesh Yadav, and since then there was no stopping to him. He ended the series as the leading wicket-taker for India with 13 scalps from 6 outings at an average of 29.5. Never did anyone think of a situation where a bowler with 2 Tests experience would lead the bowling attack in Australia, and also end up taking a 5-fer. Overall, Mohammed Siraj gets a rating of 6.5 for his performance.  

#3: Rishabh Pant (India) – 7

Inns: 5 || Runs: 274 || Avg: 68.5 || HS: 97

What a star performer Rishabh Pant has been once again in the lower-order. Forget his below-par wicket-keeping, which definitely needs improvement against the quality spinner, but his batting has been the best among all batsman. He is the only batsman to have got starts in all the innings with his scores reading 29, 36, 97, 23, and 89*. His knocks of 97 and 89* which helped the team draw in Sydney and win in Brisbane will go down as one of the best played by a visiting batsman. Overall, Rishabh Pant gets a rating of 7 for his performance.    

#2: Jasprit Bumrah (India) – 7.4

Inns: 6 || Wkts: 11 || Avg: 29.4 || SR: 64.1 || BBI: 4/56

The leader of the pack, Jasprit Bumrah once again had a wonderful series with the ball. In the absence of key bowlers like Shami, Ishant and Umesh, there was pressure on him, but he performed like a boss. Although the wickets column isn’t heavy as we see that of Cummins, it isn’t bad either. Overall, Bumrah took a total of 11 wickets from 6 innings at an average of 29.4 with his best of 4/56 coming at Melbourne. Thus, Jasprit Bumrah gets a rating of 7.4 for his performance. 

#1: Ravichandran Ashwin (India) – 8.2

Inns: 6 || Wkts: 12 || Avg: 28.8 || SR: 67 || BBI: 4/55

Undoubtedly the best spinner of the series. Ravichandran Ashwin kept aside all age-old myths of him not performing in SENA countries. He bowled with precision, and his spells against Steve Smith where he accounted for his wickets three times shall go down as one the best we have ever seen. Overall, Ashwin managed to take 12 wickets from 6 innings at an average of 28.8 with a best of 4/55. Thus, for his performance, Ravichandran Ashwin gets a rating of 8.2.

Team Australia:

#4: Steve Smith (Australia) – 5.4

Inns: 8 || Runs: 313 || Avg: 44.7 || HS: 131

The extraordinary Steve Smith looked woefully out of the order in the first two Tests with scores of 0, 8, 1 & 1*. He seemed to have no clue against Ashwin with the off-spinner dismissing him twice. But, the dangerous Smith bounced back in the last two Tests smashing 303 runs at an average of 75.75, and thus ending at 313 runs. Overall, his record looks decent, but nowhere close to what we had seen Steve Smith perform in the 2014 series vs India or the recent Ashes 2019 series. So, Steve Smith gets a rating of 5.4 for his performance. 

#3: Marnus Labuschagne (Australia) – 6.8

Inns: 8 || Runs: 426 || Avg: 53.3 || HS: 108

The leading run-scorer of the series, Marnus Labuschagne delivered in the batting-depleted Aussie batting line-up. Apart from him and Steve Smith in the last two matches, there was no one who gave a consistent performance in the series. Overall, Marnus finished with a total of 426 runs from 8 innings at an average of 53.3 with two super knocks to his name. Thus, Marnus Labuschage gets a rating of 6.8 for his performance.  

#2: Josh Hazlewood (Australia) – 7.8

Inns: 8 || Wkts: 17 || Avg: 19.4 || SR: 51 || BBI: 5/8

The second-best bower for Australia in the series, Josh Hazlewood was good, but in parts. He has two 5-wicket hauls to his name; the most in the series, but could only manage 7 wickets in the remaining 6 outings. Overall, Hazlewood finishes with 17 wickets from 8 outings at an average of 19.4. Thus, Hazlewood gets a rating of 7.8 for his performance. 

#1: Pat Cummins (Australia) – 10

Inns: 8 || Wkts: 21 || Avg: 20 || SR: 46.3 || BBI: 4/21

The leading wicket-taker of the series, Pat Cummins deserves a pat on his back for showing the world why he is regarded as the number 1 bowler in the world. He bowled his heart out in all the matches, and the result is the number of wickets he has got. of all the bowlers, Cummins’s threat seemed the most.

Even with such a fantastic performance, Cummins didn’t take a single 5-wicket haul. Just goes on to show the consistency of the bowler. Overall, Cummins took a total of 21 wickets from 8 innings at an average of 20. Thus, Cummins gets a rating of a perfect 10 for his performance.   

Apart from these 10 players, the other top players have the following rating, 

  • Mitchell Starc (Aus) –  5.8
  • Nathan Lyon (Aus) –  4.7 
  • Ajinkya Rahane (India) – 4.4
  • Tim Paine (Aus): 3.6

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