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IPL 2020: Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) Squad Rating for the season

With the highest rating in the openers category, let’s look at the overall squad rating of Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) for IPL 2020.

A revamped leadership, a new captain, and a new season awaits the Kings XI Punjab as they look to end their trophy-less dry run in the IPL. In 2018 and 2019, they had a potent squad, but a flawed captaincy coupled with poor performances shattered their trophy hopes. 

Come to 2020, Kings XI Punjab have one of the IPL’s most valuable players in the last two years, KL Rahul as their new captain. In addition, they have many new exciting players like Glenn Maxwell, Sheldon Cottrell, and Krishnappa Gowtham that can help end their dry run. 

So, have Kings XI Punjab got a squad that can excel in all the conditions and all pitches? Let’s look at our amazing article where we find the overall squad rating of Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) for IPL 2020 considering all the categories.

Please note:

  • The squad rating for IPL 2020 is calculated for five primary categories viz., Openers, Middle-order, All-rounders, Spinners, and Pacers.
  • The player roles are bracketed as Main players, Good backups, and other backups, and all are being rated on a scale of 10. However, for overall rating calculation, the weighted average is taken with higher weightage given to the main players. 
  • The players are relatively rated for their primary category basis their last two IPL’s performance, and/or their current International/Domestic form.
  • While a player can play an additional role as ”Backup’, all categories should have a unique set of main players. 

Before we begin, let’s look at the benchmark players in our 5 primary categories against which every other player is relatively rated. 

  • Opener: David Warner
  • Middle-order: Virat Kohli
  • All-rounder(s): Hardik Pandya and Andre Russell
  • Spinner: Rashid Khan
  • Pacer: Jasprit Bumrah

Alright then, without wasting any time, let’s look at the squad rating for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) for IPL 2020.

Openers – 8.73

Two Main Openers: KL Rahul and Chris Gayle 

Good Backup Opener: Mayank Agarwal

Other Backup Opener(s): Prabsimran Singh

Kings XI Punjab will continue with the dynamic opening pair of KL Rahul and Chris Gayle in 2020 as well. KL Rahul has been one of the best batsmen in the tournament in the last two years. Moreover, his current form coupled with captaincy responsibilities makes him one of the most dangerous batsman of the season. 

Chris Gayle, on the other hand, still has that x-factor, and he showed that in IPL 2019. However, the only challenge with Chris Gayle is his fitness. If he can remain fit for the entire tournament, he can single-handedly win you at least 2-3 matches. In metrics, KL Rahul gets a rating of 9.75, whereas Chris Gayle gets a rating of 9.

Mayank Agarwal is the team’s best backup opener available. While Mayank hasn’t had the bests of IPL 2018 and 2019, his domestic form has been stunning. Prabsimran Singh, on the other hand, is a talented attacking opener, but is short of experience. In metrics, Mayank gets a rating of 8.5, while Prabsimran gets a rating of 6.5. 

Overall, KXIP get a cumulative average rating of 8.73 in the openers category.

Middle-order – 8.16

Three Main Middle-order Players: Glenn  Maxwell, Nicholas Pooran, Mayank Agarwal. 

Two Good Backup Middle-order Players: Mandeep Singh and Karun Nair 

Other Backup Middle-order Player(s): Krishnappa Gowtham, Sarfaraz Khan, Deepak Hooda, and James Neesham. 

The return of Glenn Maxwell to the middle-order gives Kings XI Punjab a solid player who can capitalize on the solid starts provided by the openers. He along with Pooran (if he gets good game time) would be a treat to watch as they blast the bowlers.

Moreover, both have been in stunning form in the International circuit, and would want to continue that form in the IPL 2020. The only challenge would be to accommodate both the players. Because selecting both would loosen up an end in either of the other three categories. In metrics, Glenn Maxwell gets a rating of 9.25, whereas Pooran gets a rating of 8.75.

Although Mayank’s primary role is of an opener, him at number 3 should not make much of a difference. Supporting the three players would be Karun Nair and Mandeep Singh; both of which would hold the middle-order together.

The experienced duo might not have set the IPL on fire, but they have all the capability to do so, and would want to prove their critics wrong. In metrics, Mayank Agarwal gets a rating of 8.25, whereas Karun Nair and Mandeep Singh get 7.75 each. 

Additionally, KXIP also have the attacking Krishnappa Gowtham and Deepak Hooda, unorthodox, Sarfaraz Khan, and the Kiwi all-rounder, James Neesham in their rooster as key middle-order backups. In metrics, Krishnappa Gowtham, Sarfaraz Khan, Deepak Hooda, and James Neesham get a rating of 7.5, 7, 7, and 7.5 respectively. 

Overall, KXIP get a cumulative average rating of 8.16 in the middle-order category.

All-rounders – 8

Two Main All-rounders: Glenn Maxwell and James Neesham 

Good Backup All-rounder: Krishnappa Gowtham 

Other Backup All-rounder(s): Deepak Hooda

Talking about the all-rounders, Kings XI Punjab look slightly feeble in this area with Glenn Maxwell being the team’s best all-rounder. While Maxwell’s batting abilities are well known off, he can give you those 1-2 overs as and when necessary. Being a proper batting all-rounder, Glenn Maxwell gets a rating of 8.75.

Apart from Maxwell, Team would be excited with the addition of the attacking all-rounders, K Gowtham & Deepak Hooda, and the kiwi all-rounder, James Neesham. The two main, Gowtham and Neesham are attacking batsmen lower down the order, and can bowl the complete quota or 4 overs.

Deepak, on the other hand, may not have had success as a batsman, he would like to change that perception this year. In addition, he can give you 1-2 overs of part-time spin. In metrics, James Neesham gets a rating of 7.83,  K Gowtham gets a rating of 7.75, and Deepak gets a rating of 7.25. 

Overall, KXIP get a cumulative average rating of 8 in the all-rounders category.

Spinners – 7.68

Two Main Spinners: Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Murugan Ashwin

Good Backup Spinner: Krishnappa Gowtham 

Other Backup Spinner(s): Ravi Bishnoi, Jagadeesha Suceeth, and Glenn Maxwell 

Probably the weakest category for the Kings XI Punjab as apart from Mujeeb Ur Rahman, who isn’t sure of getting all the games, KXIP will have to rely on the inexperience of Murugan Ashwin and Ravi Bishnoi. No doubt about the capabilities of the latter two, but they lack experience. 

While Mujeeb is definitely among the best spinners in the world currently, given their overseas combination, he might warm the bench on most of the occasions; and that’s criminal. Nevertheless, in metrics, Mujeeb gets a rating of 9.25, Murugan Ashwin gets 7.25, and Ravi Bishnoi gets 7.

Apart from these three, KXIP would expect the all-rounders, K Gowtham and Glenn Maxwell to give at least 5-6 overs of spin on spin-friendly pitches. Gowtham, especially, will have to give crucial overs in the PowerPlay. In metrics, Gowtham gets a rating of 7.25, whereas Maxwell gets a rating of 6.75.

Overall, KXIP get a cumulative average rating of 7.68 in the spinners category.

Pacers – 8.15

Two Main Pacers: Mohammed Shami and Sheldon Cottrell 

Good Backup Pacer: Chris Jordan 

Other Backup Pacer(s): James Neesham, Hardus Viljoen, and Ishan Porel

While spinners is a category where KXIP struggle for options, their pace army isn’t far behind. They do have four fantastic overseas pacers in the form of Sheldon Cottrell, Chris Jordan, James Neesham, and Hardus Viljoen, but they struggle with Indian pacers where Mohammed Shami is the only good name, and inexperienced Ishan as the other option. 

From the four overseas pacers, Sheldon Cottrell, who received the highest bidding amount seems most-likely to play as a primary pacer with Jordan and Hardus as key backups. Neesham would also have a role on pacey wickets. In metrics, Sheldon Cottrell and Chris Jordan get a rating of 8.25, Hardus Viljoen gets a rating of 7.5, while James Neesham gets a rating of 7.25.

Coming to Indian pacers, there are only two names, i.e Mohammed Shami and Ishan Porel, and that’s a worry. Shami is a brilliant red ball bowler, but his credentials in the IPL are below-average. Ishan, on the other hand, is talented and lethal, but inexperienced. So, Shami gets a rating of 8.75, while Porel gets a rating of 6.75.

Overall, KXIP get a cumulative average rating of 8.15 in the pacers category.


Kings XI Punjab get an overall squad rating of 8.13 for IPL 2020. They have a superb top-order and a good middle-order. But, apart from that, they lack in the other three areas. It would take a lot of motivation and consistent performance for KXIP to qualify for the playoffs; at the least. 

Thanks for reading! What is your view on Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) squad rating for IPL 2020? Please let us know in the comments section.  

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