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IPL Exclusive: Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Team Rating for IPL 2020

With the highest rating in the spinners category, let’s look at the overall team rating of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for IPL 2020.

The three-times champions, Chennai Super Kings are one of the only few teams to have retained their core for most of the seasons. If we compare CSK’s 2018 with 2019, and then with 2020, you would notice that they have retained the majority of the players; doesn’t matter if they have failed drastically in a season.

But, have CSK got a squad that can excel in all the conditions and all types of pitches? Let’s look at our amazing article where we find the overall team rating of CSK for IPL 2020 considering all the categories.

Please note:

  • The rating for IPL 2020 is calculated for five primary categories viz., Openers, Middle-order, All-rounders, Spinners, and Pacers.
  • The player roles are bracketed as Main players, Good backups, and other backups, and all are being rated on a scale of 10. However, for overall rating calculation, the weighted average is taken with higher weightage given to the main players. 
  • The players are relatively rated for their primary category basis their last two IPL’s performance, and/or their current International/Domestic form.
  • While a player can play an additional role as ”Backup’, all categories should have unique set of main players. 

Before we begin, let’s look at the benchmark players in our 5 primary categories against which every other player is relatively rated. 

  • Opener: David Warner
  • Middle-order: Virat Kohli
  • All-rounder(s): Hardik Pandya and Andre Russell
  • Spinner: Rashid Khan
  • Pacer: Jasprit Bumrah

Alright then, without wasting any time, let’s look at the team Rating for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for IPL 2020.

Openers – 8.35

Two Main Openers: Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis

Good Backup Opener: Ambati Rayudu

Other Backup Opener(s): Ruturaj Gaikwad and Murali Vijay 

Chennai Super Kings have two solid openers in the form of Shane Watson and Faf du Plessis. Watson has had a fantastic IPL 2018, and an average IPL 2018. Whereas Faf du Plessis did well in whatever he got as an opener last year. These two would be CSK’s key openers in IPL 2020. In metrics terms, it is difficult to separate both, hence both get a rating of 8.75.

Backing them are Ambati Rayudu as the good backup opener, and Ruturaj Gaikwad as a decent backup. After a fantastic IPL 2018, Rayudu’s form dipped in IPL 2019, which prompted MS Dhoni to play him in the middle-order. It is unlikely that Rayudu would open in IPL 2020 unless Faf or Watto get injured or perform poorly.

Ruturaj, on the other hand, hadn’t got an opportunity to play in the IPL, but has been in stunning form in domestic cricket. In metrics terms, Rayudu gets a rating of 8, whereas Ruturaj Gaikwad gets a rating of 6.75 for his potential. Murali Vijay, who hasn’t played much IPL last year gets a rating of 7.25. 

Overall, CSK get a cumulative average rating of 8.35 in the openers category.

Middle-order – 8.23

Three Main Middle-order Players: MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, and Kedar Jadhav

Two Good Backup Middle-order Players: Ambati Rayudu and Faf du Plessis

Other Backup Middle-order Player(s): N Jagadeeshan, and Dwayne Bravo 

Chennai Super Kings have two of the most experienced batsmen in the middle-order; Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni. While MS has been superb form in the last two years for CSK, the same can’t be said about Suresh Raina, who has had a rather lukewarm performance since his comeback in 2018. In metrics, MS Dhoni gets a rating of 9.5, whereas Suresh Raina gets a rating of 8.75.

Kedar Jadhav would act as the third middle-order player for CSK, and he is expected to play either at 5 or 6 depending on the situation. The unorthodox player from Maharashtra is recently struggling for form, and is injury prone. It would be a blessing if Kedar is available for the whole season. So, Kedar Jadhav gets a rating of 8.

CSK have only Ambati Rayudu as the good unique backup available, which should be a point of worry for them. Hence, they will have to rely on decent or make-shift middle-order players like N Jagadeeshan, Dwayne Bravo, and Faf du Plessis. In metrics, Ambati Rayudu gets a rating of 7.75, while Faf du Plessis, Dwayne Bravo, and N Jagadeeshan get a rating of 8.25, 7.25, and 6.5 respectively.

Overall, CSK get a cumulative average rating of 8.23 in the middle-order category.

All-rounders – 8.29

Two Main All-rounders: Dwayne Bravo and Mitchell Santner

Good Backup All-rounder: Ravindra Jadeja

Other Backup All-rounder(s): Sam Curran, Shane Watson, and Kedar Jadhav

This is one area where Chennai Super Kings have done a really good job. They have two solid all-rounders in the form of Dwayne Bravo and Mitchell Santner. While Bravo has been a permanent fixture for CSK over the years, Santner is slowly and steadily making a name for himself in the International circuit.

Backing them is Ravindra Jadeja, who is also a permanent fixture for CSK. Jadeja provides for crucial breakthroughs in the middle overs, while Bravo generally operates at the death. All three have been doing their job perfectly as a bowler. However, it is their batting that is slightly below-par. In metrics terms, Bravo gets a rating of 8.58, Ravindra Jadeja gets a rating of 8.17, whereas Santner gets a rating of 8.25.

Sam Curran is the team’s main backup all-rounder. He had a good debut season with the KXIP having accounted for a hat-trick. As seen in the previous season, he can act as a good pinch hitter at the top. While there is a possibility of seeing Sam Curran at the top, he is most likely to play in the lower-order, where his batting could be tested. So, Sam Curran gets a rating of 8 as an all-rounder.

CSK also have Kedar and Shane Watson as the other backup all-rounders. However, they weren’t utilized as a bowler last year even though they are capable of giving those crucial 1-2 overs. Nevertheless, Kedar Jadhav and Shane Watson get a rating of 7.33 and 7. 83 respectively.

Overall, CSK get a cumulative average rating of 8.29 in the all-rounders’ category.

Spinners – 8.65

Two Main Spinners: Imran Tahir and Mitchell Santner

Good Backup Spinner: Piyush Chawla

Other Backup Spinner(s): Harbhajan Singh, Karn Sharma, and R Sai Kishore

Chennai Super Kings have two unique spinners in the form of Imran Tahir and Mitchell Santner. While Imran Tahir was the best spinner of the tournament last year, Mitchell Santner was the best spinner in the International circuit. In metrics, Imran Tahir gets a rating of 9.5, Whereas Santner gets a rating of 8.5.

CSK spent a humongous amount to procure the services of Piyush Chawla in the IPL 2020 Auction. While he has all the capability to succeed, he hasn’t had the desired impact in the last couple of years. So, Piyush Chawla gets a rating of 8.25. Moreover, not only do CSK have solid primary spinners, their backups are good too. Harbhajan Singh, Karn Sharma, and R Sai Kishore are pretty decent spin backups.

While Harbhajan would be expected to play most of the home matches, Karn Sharma and R Sai Kishore would act as good backups. In metrics, Harbhajan Singh gets a rating of 8.25, Karn Sharma and R Sai Kishore get a rating of 7.5 and 6.75 respectively. 

Overall, CSK get a cumulative average rating of 8.65 in the spinners category.

Pacers – 8.57

Two Main Pacers:  Deepak Chahar and Dwayne Bravo

Good Backup Pacer: Lungi Ngidi

Other Backup Pacer(s): Josh Hazlewood, Shardul Thakur, Monu Kumar, and KM Asif. 

Even though Chennai pitches tend to be more spin-friendly, CSK have managed to ramp-up a fantastic pace department. Deepak Chahar and Dwayne Bravo are team’s main pacers in the squad. While Deepak has been in stunning form in IPL as well as International matches, Dwayne Bravo has been team’s best death overs bowler over the years; even though his performance has taken a dip recently. So, Deepak Chahar gets a rating of 9, whereas Dwayne Bravo gets a rating of 8.75. 

South African speedster, Lungi Ngidi and Australian speedster, Josh Hazlewood would act as the team’s good backup pacers. While Hazlewood hadn’t had IPL experience as yet, he has done well in the international circuit, and in Big Bash League in 2019-20. Lungi Ngidi, on the other hand, had a good IPL 2018 before he got injured. So, Lungi Ngidi gets a rating of 8.5, whereas Josh Hazlewood gets a rating of 8. 

Shardul Thakur may not be the most effective pacer of the lot, but he has been a constant member of India’s team for quite some time now. Moreover, Monu Kumar and KM Asif act as decent backups to the other pacers. In metrics, Shardul Thakur gets a rating of 8, whole Monu Kumar and KM Asif get a rating of 6.5 each. 

Overall, CSK get a cumulative average rating of 8.57 in the pacers category.


Chennai Super Kings get an overall team rating of 8.41. They are one of the only few teams who have their bases covered in all the departments. CSK’s main strength is their home conditions, and they have a near-perfect team for that. So, brace yourself as another top 4 finish is on the cards for CSK for IPL 2020. 

Thanks for reading! What is your view on Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team rating for IPL 2020? Please let us know in the comments section.  

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