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IPL 2021 Exclusive: Bang for Buck Analysis for first half of the Tournament

Harshal Patel, the Best Value for Money player as we look at the Bang for Buck analysis for all players for IPL 2021.  

The Indian Premier League has always seen a few players getting a whopping amount as their salary. While the amount is relatively on the lower side in Mega Auctions, it is generally quite erratic in mini Auctions as the teams don’t mind spending a huge amount to acquire services of a few players. 

However, not all players live onto their price tag, and ultimately end up being a disappointment for the franchise and fans. But there’s this another category of players who get salary in peanuts, but perform way better than some of the costliest players of the tournament. 

In this article, we would look at 10 such players, whose cost is the lowest, but the relative performance is among the best. So, in this article, we analyze the performance of a player vis-à-vis salary earned for the tournament. In simple terms, we call it the ‘Bang for Buck’ analysis for IPL 2021.

But, before we look at the article, let’s get familiar with a few terms that would bring meaning to this article. Also, important to note that, the analysis is only half-baked for 29 matches as we are yet to witness the completion of the tournament. Also, we won’t focus on the worst bang for Buck players, which would be covered in a separate article. 


For analysis per se, we have taken 3 important parameters into consideration, namely the IPL 2021 Salary of a player, Bang for Buck (BFB) Points, and Cost per BFB Point. The final Cost per BFB Point of each player is then compared across 5 categories- Openers, Middle-order, All-rounders, Spinners, and Pacers.

The player with the least Cost per BFB Point is rated the highest in the analysis, and the player with the highest Cost per BFBP is rated the worst. Whereas,

  • IPL 2021 Salary: The compensation paid by a franchise to a player for a particular season  
  • BFB Points: BFB points are calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, wickets taken, consistency, acceleration bonus, economy rate bonus, number of dot balls bowled, number of catches taken, number of stumpings done, number of fours & sixes hit, number of match-winning knocks and spells, and so on. 
  • Cost per BFBP: It is a simple ratio of IPL 2021 salary of a player to his BFB points.  

Alright then, let’s look at the top 10 best bang for buck players for IPL 2021. 

#10: Avesh Khan (DC)

Cost: INR 70L // BFB Points: 593.4 // Cost per BFBP: INR 11796.4

At number 10, we have probably the most impressive bowler of the tournament. Avesh Khan cost just INR 70L to his franchise, but his performance was at par with a player with a salary of INR 10 Cr. or more. He earned a total of 593.4 BFBP; the second-best among the top 10 players, and has a Cost per BFBP of INR 11796.4, which is comparatively very good. 

#9: Deepak Hooda (PBKS)

Cost: INR 50L // BFB Points: 456.2 // Cost per BFBP: INR 10960.1

There was a time when Deepak Hooda used to earn a hefty amount in IPL even after being uncapped, but seasons of disappointing performance has brought down Hooda’s salary to just INR 50L. With this salary, he could finally justify his performance as his BPBP of 456.2 and cost per BFBP of INR 10960.1 makes him the 9th best Bang for Buck player for IPL 2021. 

#8: Riyan Parag (RR)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 254.9 // Cost per BFBP: INR 7846.2

Riyan Parag has been a regular member of RR’s playing 11 for a few years now. But never has been that extraordinary performer like some of the other Uncapped players. With a salary of INR 20L, Riyan does more than decent. He earned a total of 254.9 BFBP,  which means a cost per BFBP of INR 7846.2. At number 8, he is the only RR player in the list. 

#7: Shahbaz Ahmed (RCB)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 256.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 7797.3

Shahbaz Ahmed played in parts for RCB, but in whatever matches he played, he did decent including a match-winning spell against SRH. That’s enough for a player costing just INR 20L to his franchise. At a cost per BFBP of INR 7797.3, Shahbaz Ahmed is seventh on the list of top 10 best Bang for Buck players for IPL 2021. 

#6: Arshdeep Singh

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 306.4 // Cost per BFBP: INR 6527.8

Having debuted in 2020, Arshdeep has become one of the frontline pacers for Punjab Kings alongside Mohammed Shami. With a salary of just INR 20L, Arshdeep has performed way above his weight in both the seasons so far. He has a cost per BFBP of INR 6527.8, which makes him the 6th best Bang for Buck player of IPL 2021. 

#5: Lalit Yadav (DC)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 317.4 // Cost per BFBP: INR 6301.2

Bless Axar Patel for his injury, Lalit Yadav could finally play in the Delhi Capitals’ as an all-rounder finisher. For his debut season so far, Lalit Yadav did extremely well in all three departments with the best returns coming in the bowling department. He has earned a total of 317.4 BFBP with a cost per BFBP of INR 6301.2. 

#4: Prasidh Krishna (KKR)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 364.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 5486.9

The only player in the list, who is now a capped Indian. It is quite surprising that Prasidh, who has represented Team India earns a meagre salary of just INR 20L. But that’s how Prasidh has risen to the ranks with good performance in domestic cricket and IPL. In IPL 2021 so far, Prasidh has earned a total of 364.5 BPB Points with a cost per BFBP of INR 5486.9. 

#3: Devdutt Padikkal (RCB)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 365.8 // Cost per BFBP: INR 5467.5

The emerging player of the year 2020, the Best Bang for Buck player for IPL 2020, and probably the best performing Uncapped player in IPL and Domestic tournaments in the last two years, Devdutt Padikkal makes it to the third position in this year’s list so far. His returns this year have been good, but not as well last year. Even then a cost per BFBP of INR 5467.5 in just 7 matches are good returns. 

#2: Ruturaj Gaikwad (CSK)

Cost: INR 70L // BFB Points: 388.5 // Cost per BFBP: INR 5148.0

The only Uncapped player in CSK’s squad, Ruturaj has been a consistent performer for Chennai Super Kings in the last two years. Both the years, he started with poor returns, but MS Dhoni’s faith in him did wonders as he returned with a bang in both seasons. He has a cost per BFBP of INR 5148, which takes him to second on the list. 

#1: Harshal Patel (RCB)

Cost: INR 20L // BFB Points: 769.9 // Cost per BFBP: INR 2597.7

Undoubtedly the best Bang for Buck player for IPL 2021, Harshal Patel is currently the purple cap holder of the season. He has taken truckload wickets with as many as 17 wickets in 7 matches, which is a feat unmatched by anyone in the initial 7 matches.

With a salary of just INR 20L, Harshal’s cost per BFBP of INR 2597.7 is almost 50% lower than the second-best, Ruturaj. If Harshal can keep his performance intact for the remainder of the season, we can just witness the first player in the last three years to have a cost per BFBP of less than 1000. 

So, these have been the best and worst Bang for Buck players of IPL 2021. Please watch out this space where we cover the Worst 10 bang for Buck players for IPL 2021. 

Thanks for reading! Which player according to you is the best Bang for Buck player of IPL 2021? Please email your comments to

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