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Vijay Hazare Trophy 2019: Dream Team of the Tournament

Yashasvi Jaiswal to open and Manish Pandey to lead the 2019 Vijay Hazare Trophy dream Team of the tournament. 

The tournament full of talented performances, Vijay Hazare has completed yet another successful season. Played for over a month, the tournament finale saw the heavyweights, Karnataka defeating the best team of the group stage, Tamil Nadu by 60 runs (VJD method).

Similar to Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare is one of the lengthiest Domestic tournaments in India with as many as 38 teams playing a total of 169 games. With the tournament of this magnitude, it gives us a great opportunity to witness the talent at display.

So, which players impressed the most, and who makes the cut for our 2019 Vijay Hazare Trophy Team of the Tournament? Let’s find out. 

To remove the biases, as usual, we would be sticking to our unique methodology of performance points to find the team of the tournament.

Please note, the team combination has been decided based on the following criteria

  • 2 openers, 3 middle-order players, 2 all-rounders, and 4 bowlers.
  • A player must have played a minimum of 6 innings.


#1 Yashasvi Jaiswal | Mumbai  

Inns: 6 | Runs: 564 | Avg: 112.8 | SR: 104.1

At just 17, Yashasvi Jaiswal has taken the Indian Domestic Cricket by storm. He played just 6 innings, but scored a humongous 564 runs at an average of 112.8; this includes a double century at the age of 17.

His scores in the 6 innings he played read 44, 113, 22, 122, 203, 60*, and he gets a perfect rating of 10 for his performance. Such has been the Talent at display that even Shreyas Iyer didn’t miss complimenting him by clicking a selfie with him. 

#2 Vishnu Vinod | Kerala 

Inns: 8 | Runs: 508 | Avg: 63.5 | SR: 113.1

Partnering Yashasvi Jaiswal is the dynamite from Kerala, Vishnu Vinod. While this is a slightly tricky pick, Vishnu Vinod gets selected above Devdutt Padikkal and KL Rahul, purely on account of his strike rate and consistency. 

In the 8 innings Vishnu Vinod played, he scored 508 runs from 8 innings at a strike rate of 113.1, and consistency of 63%. He gets a rating of 9.37 for his performance. 


#3 Baba Aparajith | Tamil Nadu

Inns: 12 | Runs: 598 | Avg: 66.4 | SR: 79.8

Our first all-rounder, and a sensible player for number 3, Baba Aparajith is picked purely for his batting performances, and him being a decent batting all-rounder.

Overall, Baba Aparajith played well scoring 598 runs at an average of 66.4, and a strike rate of 79.8. He was effective with the ball too accounting for 11 wickets. He gets a rating of 7.5 for his performance as an all-rounder.

#4 Manish Pandey (C) | Karnataka 

Inns: 9 | Runs: 525 | Avg: 105 | SR: 108.2

The captain of our side, Manish Pandey has been breathing fire lately in all the Domestic tournaments he has been a part of. Not only has he been an exceptional captain in Vijay Hazare, but his performance with the bat is also nothing less than exceptional. 

A total of 525 runs from 9 innings at an average of 105, and a strike rate of 108.2 is simply mind-boggling. He gets a rating of 8.49 for his performance.

#5 Nitish Rana | Delhi

Inns: 8 | Runs: 311 | Avg: 51.8 | SR: 79.9 | Wkts: 12

Our second all-rounder to complement Baba Aparajith, Nitish Rana has had a decent outing in Vijay Hazare Trophy. He managed to score 312, and take 12 wickets from the 8 innings he played.

While Rana wasn’t exceptional with either bat or ball, he was a good all-round package. He gets a rating of 7 for his performance as an all-rounder. 

#6 Rahul Dalal | Arunanchal Pradesh

Inns: 8 | Runs: 515 | Avg: 85.8 | SR: 98.8

The first not so known name in our team, Rahul Dalal has driven the Arunachal Pradesh team single-handedly. Courtesy of his brilliant batting, a weak Team on paper, Arunanchal Pradesh could manage a couple of wins.

Overall, Dalal managed to score a superb 515 runs from 8 innings at an average of 85.8, and a strike rate of 98.8. He gets a rating of 9.21 for his performance, and he would play the role of finisher alongside Dinesh Karthik.

#7 Dinesh Karthik (Wk) | Tamil Nadu

Inns: 9 | Runs: 418 | Avg: 59.7 | SR: 121.2

The finisher and the wicket-keeper of our team, Dinesh Karthik was quite instrumental in carrying Tamil Nadu to the finals. While Sanju Samson was a slightly better batsman than him in the tournament, the need for a finisher prompted us to select Dinesh Karthik ahead of Sanju Samson. Nevertheless, for scoring 418 runs from 9 innings at an average of 59.7, and a strike rate of 121.2 gets him a rating of 7.17.


#8 Sagar Udeshi | Puducherry

Inns: 9 | Wkts: 19 | Avg: 11.4 | ER: 2.9

The lone spinner of our team, the slow left-arm bowler, Sagar Udeshi has been the most economical bowler of the tournament among bowlers taking 10 wickets or more. Sagar took a total of 19 wickets from 9 innings at an economy rate of just 2.9. He gets a rating of a perfect 10 for his performance. 

#9 Pritam Das | Assam

Inns: 9 | Wkts: 23 | Avg: 9 | ER: 3.25

The highest wicket-taker of the tournament, Pritam Das has been quite impressive with his performances. While he isn’t representing a Tier 1 team, his performances have come against some of the best Tier 1 team. 

A good fast bowler, Pritam took a total of 23 wickets from 9 innings at an average of just 9, and an economy rate of 3.25. His average of 9 is the lowest among bowlers taking 10 wickets or more. He too gets a rating of a perfect 10 for his performance.

#10 Sandeep Sharma | Punjab

Inns: 8 | Wkts: 17 | Avg: 14.9 | ER: 3.8

Having bowled the best spell of the tournament, Sandeep Sharma is our second pacer with a rating of 9.03. The ‘Swing Master’ used the conditions perfectly to his benefit as he took 17 wickets at an economy rate of just 3.8. 

#11 Prasidh Krishna | Karnataka

Inns: 8 | Wkts: 17 | Avg: 13.4 | ER: 3.9..9.35

The second-best pacer of the tournament, and the member of the winning team, Prasidh Krishna is our last and final player of the 11. He didn’t play all the matches, but did well by taking 17 wickets from 8 innings at an economy rate of 3.9. He gets a rating of 9.35 for his performance. 

#12th Man: Devdutt Padikkal | Karnataka

Our 12th man is the 19-year-old, Devdutt Padikkal. To be honest, he was quite exceptional with the bat. It also showed as he ended as the Tournament’s leading run-scorer with 609 runs. The only thing which went against him was his strike rate of 81. Else, he would have been selected ahead of Vishnu Vinod.

So, that’s our team of the tournament for the 2019 Vijay Hazare Trophy. Do let us know in the comments section in case you have different views.

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2019: Dream Team of the Tournament 

Yashasvi Jaiswal, Vishnu Vinod, Baba Aparajith, Manish Pandey (C), Nitish Rana, Rahul Dalal, Dinesh Karthik (Wk), Sagar Udeshi, Pritam Das, Prasidh Krishna, Sandeep Sharma, Devdutt Padikkal (12th).

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