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Best Predicted Four Semi-final Teams for T20 World Cup 2024

India, Australia, and England confirmed for a spot as we look at the best semi-final teams for the T20 World Cup 2024. 

Only a few days left as the ninth edition of the T20 World Cup kicks off. 20 teams lock their horns for the first time ever in what promises to be a scintillating contest. Teams from across the globe like India USA, Canada, Australia, PNG, Ireland, England, etc., are already making themselves tournament-ready by playing the Warmups.

With 20 teams participating in the tournament for the first time, only one of them is going to be the ultimate winner. This is the first time in any ICC tournament history where so many teams are participating with the probability of winning the tournament being only 0.05. But which team or rather which teams will see themselves progress as the tournament progresses?

The format of T20 World Cup 2024 is designed in such a way that each team will at least play 4 matches. 20 teams are divided into 4 groups of 5 Teams each. If we observe the groups, each team has 2 strong teams, 1 challenger team, and 2 decent teams. So, let’s analyze the entire fixtures, and find out the best 4 teams that have the highest chance of making it to the semi-final of T20 World Cup 2024.

Group Stage Analysis – Total 20 Teams 

Group A – India, Pakistan, Ireland, USA, & Canada

Starting with Group A, we have India, Pakistan, Ireland, the USA, and Canada as the five teams. From the outset, India and Pakistan look clear to qualify for the Super 8 stage. The only challenger in this group is Ireland, who did surprise Pakistan in previous ICC encounters. But seeing the current Pakistan team, even if they lose to Ireland, it looks unlikely they won’t qualify So, expect India and Pakistan to be the two qualifying teams from Group A.

Group B – England, Australia, Scotland, Namibia & Oman

For Group B, things look no different than Group A with Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Namibia, and Oman being the 5 Teams. Unlike Group A where Ireland may still upset Pakistan, it looks unlikely the two strongest teams, Australia and England will face any upset. So, expect Australia and England to be the top 2 Teams from Group B.

Group C – West Indies, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Uganda & Papua New Guinea

Group C is where things get interesting. The 5 Teams from this group are the West Indies, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Uganda, and PNG. Had Afghanistan been in Group D, their chances of qualifying would have been higher. But New Zealand are mostly an upset-proof team. Whereas West Indies are in red-hot form, and playing at home. So, expect New Zealand and West Indies to qualify from Group C with no major upset expected.

Group D – South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands & Nepal

From Group D, one can expect South Africa to finish as the group toppers. Between Netherlands, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka have a better bowling attack. Batting-wise, there is not much to differentiate between these three. But if there’s one team that seems more deserving between the three, it is Sri Lanka. So, expect Sri Lanka to marginally edge Bangladesh and Netherlands to qualify alongside South Africa as the top two teams from Group D.

Super 8 Stage Analysis – Top 8 Teams 

Talking about the Super 8 stage, if eight Teams qualify as mentioned above, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka will fall in Group 1. Whereas Pakistan, England, South Africa, and the West Indies shall fall in group 2. It is important to note that the standings from the Group stage don’t matter as teams are already pre-seeded for Super 8 by ICC.

Group 1 – India, Australia, New Zealand & Sri Lanka

Analyzing Group 1 from the Super 8 stage, things look quite intense with India, Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka in the competition. For India, most likely, they should win two and lose one against Australia. For Australia, they should also win two, and lose one against New Zealand. Whereas New Zealand should lose two, and win one against Australia. Overall, expect India and Australia to comfortably sail through to the semis from Group 1.

Group 2 – Pakistan, England, South Africa & West Indies

Group 2 seems the toughest between the two groups. Analyzing the fixtures, only England seems to be the strongest team between the four. Most likely, England should ace the battle against Pakistan and South Africa with West Indies edging England. Pakistan should find it tough to defeat England and West Indies. Whereas West Indies should most likely ace the England and Pakistan battle. Overall, England and West Indies seem the most potent teams to qualify for the semi-final.


Coming to the semi-final, if the four teams qualify as above, Australia should finish as the topper of Group 1 and England should finish as the topper of Group 2. So, India should most-likely face England, and Australia should most-likely face West Indies. If at all we see these semi-finalists, India and West Indies should most-likely be the finalists of T20 World Cup 2024.  

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