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Exclusive: Flop Test Playing 11 of the Year 2021 – 6 Eng Players Included

6 England players included as we look at the flop or worst performing Test playing 11 of the year 2021.  

After a dry year 2020 due to COVID-19, the year 2021 saw a full-fledged cricketing season; although in Bio bubbles. Teams have been traveling to different countries for multi-format matches are now required to undergo Quarantine and then mostly play in secure bio bubbles. 

Not only does it take a toll on the body physically, it breaks the mental peace too to a certain extent. But with new variants coming every year,  that’s how the norm is going to be at least for a year or more from now. Players will have to adapt, and make sure their mental and physical health is in tact. 

The bio bubbles have also affected the performance of players to a certain extent. While that is not the complete reason for the poor performance of a few players, it is certainly worth pointing out. There are a lot of players who struggled for form and performance every year, and we will witness 11 such players in this article for the year 2021. 

Personally, I completely respect each and every player, but is important to also show the world how the year has been for a few underperforming players. It is a pure representation of stats, and nothing else. On that note, let’s look at the flop Test playing 11 of the year 2021. 


As usual, we have removed any biases or perceptions while selecting the flop playing 11. Our robust methodology gives precedence to ‘Performance Rating’ to select players in the final 11. The team has 2 openers, 3-4 batters, at least 1 all-rounder and spinner, and at least 3 Pacers. Also, only players who have played at least 10 innings as batters or have bowled 100 overs as bowlers are included 

#1: Dom Sibley (England) 

Inns: 20 // Runs: 356 // Avg: 19.8 // Rating: 2.3

England have been one side that has seen the worst batting performances last year, and Dom Sibley is one of the four names that make this team. Dom had a horrid year having scored just 356 runs from 20 innings at an average of 19.8. His consistency was bad at just 15%, and he had just 3 fifties in 20 innings. Overall, Sibley’s performance sees his rating at just 2.3.

#2: Imran Butt (Pakistan)

Inns: 10 // Runs: 178 // Avg: 17.8 // Rating: 2.1

Under Babar Azam, Pakistan seem to have improved a lot as a team. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have individual underperformers. The second opener on the list is Imran Butt, who also had a poor year as a batter. He played a total of 10 innings, and could only manage 178 runs at an average of 17.8. Only once was he able to cross 50, and thus has a rating of 2.1 

#3: Zak Crawley (England)

Inns: 16 // Runs: 173 // Avg: 10.8 // Rating: 1.1

The worst batter of the year goes to the top-order batter from England, Zak Crawley. A total of 16 innings and 173 runs under his belt reflects the kind of horrid performance Zak has given. He could go past 50 only once in 16 innings, and that has resulted in consistency of 6.3%. Overall, Zak gets a performance rating of just 1.1; the lowest in the team. 

#4: Ollie Pope (England)

Inns: 18 // Runs: 368 // Avg: 21.6 // Rating: 2.2

Another position and another England batter in the squad. Such has been England’s situation this year that apart from Joe Root and to some extent Rory Burns, England has seen hopeless performance from its players. The middle-order batter, Ollie Pope has been no different. A total of 368 runs from 18 innings gives him a rating of 2.2. Just like above, Pope also had just one 50+ score from 18 innings. 

#5: Ajinkya Rahane (India)

Inns: 23 // Runs: 479 // Avg: 20.8 // Rating: 2.3

Not the name you would like to see in the XI, but yes it has been that kind of year for Ajinkya Rahane. His position has been on the thread for the last few matches, and it is his 2021 performance that is to be blamed for it. He played for 23 innings, but could only manage 479 runs at an average of 20.8.

His consistency stood at just 17.4 and he could only manage 2 fifties in the 23 innings. This is from a player who is supposed to be the backbone of Team India. While his 2021 performance has been horrible, we hope Rahane to play as well as he played in the 2nd innings of the 2nd Test match vs South Africa. 

#6: Jos Buttler (England)

Inns: 16 // Runs: 353 // Avg: 25.2 // Rating: 2.7 

Another name that you wouldn’t want to see in the XI, but just like Rahane, Buttler has had a horrible year as a batter. Except for a couple of knocks and his marathon 26(207), Buttler has been horrible as a batter. Among the best limited-overs batters, Buttler could only manage 353 runs from 16 innings at an average of 25.2. His consistency stood at 26.7%, and his performance rating stands at 2.7. 

#7: Roston Chase (West Indies)

Inns: 11 // Runs: 140 // Wkts: 8

Not so bad overall, but Roston Chase has been the worst all-rounder of the year. He did decent in bowling taking 8 wickets from 8 innings at an average of 46.7. But it is his batting that has been the biggest letdown. He could only manage 140 runs from 11 innings at a poor average of 12.7. His consistency stood at just 9%, and he could only manage 1 fifty from 11 innings. 

#8: Sam Curran (England)

Inns: 9 // Wkts: 6 // Avg: 58.7 // Rating: 2.8

Once a potential match-winner during India’s tour of England in 2018 is now the worst performer with the ball for England in 2021. Succumbed to pressure, Sam could only take 6 wickets from the 9 innings he played for England this year. His bowling consistency stood at 29%, but it is his average of 58 that has been an issue. Overall, Sam Curran gets a performance rating of 2.8. 

#9: Stuart Broad (England)

Inns: 13 // Wkts: 12 // Avg: 39.5 //  Rating: 3.5

The sixth England player in the squad, and it is the World Test Championship 2019-21 star bowler, Stuart Broad. It has been a year to forget for Broad, who has also been in and out of the squad most of the time. Broad played a total of 13 innings for England, but was among fewer wickets with just 12 to his name. His average was also not impressive at 40, and his consistency was bad at 20%. Overall, Broad gets a rating of 3.5 for his performance. 

#10: Shannon Gabriel (West Indies)

Inns: 12 // Wkts: 11 // Avg: 46.8 // Rating: 4.1

The second West Indian of the squad, and it is the pacer, Shannon Gabriel. Gabriel did bowl a few good spells in 2021, but was bad overall. His consistency was decent at 44%, but his average of 46.8 was a concern. Overall, Gabriel managed to take 11 wickets from 12 innings, and thus gets a performance rating of 4.1. 

#11: Alzarri Joseph (West Indies)

Inns: 8 // Wkts: 8 // Avg: 48.4 // ER: 5.9 // Rating: 3.9

The final player of the squad is another West Indies fast bowler, Alzarri Joseph. Joseph could only manage to take 8 wickets from 8 innings at an average of 48.4. His consistency was decent at 42.9%, and he had 3 good spells under his belt from 8 innings. Overall, Joseph gets a rating of 3.9 for his performance. 

So, that completes the flop or worst performing Test 11 for the year 2021. 

Flop Test Playing 11 of the Year 2021: 

Dom Sibley, Imran Butt, Zak Crawley, Ollie Pope, Ajinkya Rahane, Jos Buttler, Roston Chase, Sam Curran, Stuart Broad, Shannon Gabriel, Alzarri Joseph.

Thanks for reading! What’s your flop Test playing 11 of the Year 2021? Please email your comments to 

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