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IPL 2022: Playoffs Qualification Scenario for all Teams – GT to Top?

IPL 2022: Gujarat Titans almost certain to qualify as we look at the playoffs qualification scenario for all the teams. 

The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League season has been quite competitive so far. We are almost at the business end of the tournament, and we still don’t have any team qualified for the Playoffs. Gujarat Titans are almost there with 16 points, but we already know Mumbai Indians have been eliminated from the Playoffs. 

As of now, we have 6 strong teams competing for the final 4 spots with PBKS, KKR, and CSK with an outside chance. Not only are the top 2 spots open for grab but also the competition for the top 4 spots is wide open. With 24 group stage matches left in the competition, it would be interesting to see who makes it to the top 4. 

On that note, we will take a look at the prediction analysis of the IPL 2022 Playoffs Qualification Scenario for all 10 teams. Let’s find out what each team needs to do to qualify for the Playoffs. We will also analyze the matches each team would be playing, and accordingly find out how will they fare against each other. So, let’s get to it. 

Gujarat Titans

M: 9 // PTS: 16 // NRR: +0.377

Next matches: PBKS, MI, LSG, CSK & RCB

Gujarat Titans are seating nicely at the number 1 position with 16 points from 9 games, but technically they haven’t qualified as yet given the competition. If they lose all their matches from here, and if LSG, RR, SRH, DC, and RCB win all their matches; except for facing each other then there will be multiple teams ending with 16 points. In that scenario, NRR will come into the picture. 

Overall, Gujarat Titans need just 1 win to confirm the Playoffs spot, and 2 wins against LSG and RCB to confirm the final two spots. Given that they face MI and CSK in their coming matches, expect GT to win at least 2 of their remaining matches to finish in the top 2. Meanwhile, as per the leading website, Betway, the outright chance of Gujarat Titans winning the tournament is at 3.60; best among all 10 teaams. 

Qualification Meter: Positive

Mumbai Indians

M: 9 // PTS: 2 // NRR: – 0.836

Next matches: GT, KKR, CSK, SRH & DC

Mumbai Indians are already out of the Playoffs race, but they will now play for Pride and as a spoilsport for the team others. Their primary objective going forward will be to win as many matches as possible with 12 points being the maximum, and in the process not finish last. Given their performance, expect Mumbai Indians to win 2-3 matches with likely wins coming against CSK and KKR. 

Qualification Meter: Eliminated

Lucknow Super Giants

M: 10 // PTS: 14 // NRR: +0.397

Next matches: KKR, GT, RR & KKR

The newest recruit of the season, the Lucknow Super Giants had assembled a strong squad for their debut season, and they have lived up to the expectations so far. They currently have 14 points from 10 games, and are just a few matches away from the Playoffs qualification. They face KKR twice and GT and RR once in their next 4 matches. These are tough opponents, but expect them to win at least two of these to finish on 18 points.  

Qualification Meter: Positive

Kolkata Knight Riders:

M: 9 // PTS: 6 // NRR: -0.006

Next matches: RR, LSG, MI, SRH & LSG

When Shreyas Iyer was recruited by KKR a lot was expected from this team in the 2022 campaign. But it has been been a season to forget for the Knight Riders. They have won just 3 matches from their first 9 matches, and the road ahead isn’t good. They need to win all their matches, but even that would not guarantee them a Playoffs spot as they would still need to make sure other teams’ results go their way. Overall, their NRR isn’t bad, but with them facing tough opponents like LSG and RR, expect them to not win 2 matches.  

Qualification Meter: Negative

Rajasthan Royals:

M: 9 // PTS: 12 // NRR: +0.450

Next matches: KKR, PBKS, DC, LSG & CSK

Having finished at number 7 in 2021, it has been a great turnaround for RR with 12 points from 9 games so far. Their Playoffs qualification seems certain, but their main objective would be to finish in the top 2. Their tough opponent going forward are LSG and DC, and one can expect them to win at least 3 wins from here on. The fourth win should confirm their top 2 spots given the positive NRR. 

Qualification Meter: Positive

Royal Challengers Bangalore:

M: 10 // PTS: 10 // NRR: – 0.558

Next matches: CSK, SRH, PBKS & GT

RCB started their 2022 campaign with a bang having won 5 matches in their first 7 matches. But three continuous losses have dented their campaign. With 10 points from 10 games and a negative NRR, the road ahead isn’t easy for the RCB. They need to win all 4 for a confirmed Playoffs berth. Three wins will also do it, but then other teams’ results should also go in the favour. With RCB facing SRH and GT in the coming matches, expect them to win 2 with the third being a good possibility. 

Qualification Meter: Neutral

Delhi Capitals

M: 9 // PTS: 8 // NRR: +0.587

Next matches: SRH, CSK, RR, PBKS & MI

One of the strongest teams on paper hasn’t had the bests of IPL 2022 so far. They have 8 points from 9 games, and things aren’t looking too rosy for the Delhi Capitals. The biggest positive for them is their NRR, and that may come in handy in case they end on 16 points.

16 points is something they can get if they play to full potential as the upcoming opponents aren’t too strong. If they don’t end up in the top 4, it would be big learning for teams as it is not guaranteed to finish in the top 4 with a strong team if you don’t play to full potential. Expect Delhi Capitals to win 3 of their remaining 5 matches to finish on 14 points. 

Qualification Meter: Neutral

Punjab Kings:

M: 9 // PTS: 8 // NRR: – 0.470

Next matches: GT, RR, RCB, DC & SRH

Having started in a positive fashion, Punjab Kings aren’t in a good position currently with 4 wins from 9 matches. Their biggest worry is their negative NRR of -0.470, but what’s also important is that they face 5 tough opponents in their last 5 group stage matches. They need to win all 5 to have a confirmed shot at the Playoffs. If they lose 1, NRR would majorly play the role in the qualification. Given their performance so far, except PBKS to win 2 matches in their next 5 matches to finish at 12 points. 

Qualification Meter: Negative

Sunrisers Hyderabad:

M: 9 // P: 10 // NRR: +0.471

Next matches: DC, RCB, KKR, MI & PBKS

Sunrisers Hyderabad have had a rollercoaster ride so far in the IPL. They started with 2 losses, but then came back stronger with 5 wins, and are currently on 2 matches losing streak. With 10 points from 9 games, they are still on track for playoffs qualification. Their next 5 matches are up against decent opponents, and expect them to win three of those 5 games. SRH vs RCB or SRH vs DC can be virtual Knockouts, and expect SRH to come out stronger in one of those games.   

Qualification Meter: Positive

Chennai Super Kings:

M: 9 // PTS: 6 // NRR: -0.407

Next matches: RCB, DC, MI, GT & RR

Chennai Super Kings haven’t had a good season so far. They started with 4 losses on the trot, but came back stronger to win 3 of their next 5 matches. CSK aren’t officially out of the tournament, but the road ahead seems very difficult. They need to win all of their remaining 5 matches to make sure they end on 16 points. That may still not guarantee them a Playoffs birth, but they will present a strong qualification if other teams’ results go their way. They face some tough opponents going ahead, so expect them to win 2-3 matches. 

Qualification Meter: Negative

So, that’s how the playoffs qualification scenario for IPL 2022 for all 10 teams stands. Overall, Gujarat Titans, Lucknow Super Giants, and Rajasthan Royals are almost certain to qualify for the Playoffs. The third team could be one of Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore or Delhi Capitals. 

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