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These Four Best Teams are Confirmed to Play IPL 2024 Playoffs

Rajasthan Royals set to be in the top 4 as we look at the best playoffs standings ranking among all teams for IPL 2024.

We are almost at the halfway stage in IPL 2024, and barring a couple of teams in the form of Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bengaluru, the other 8 teams have played some really solid and competitive cricket so far. As of match 30, Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders are leading the points table with 10 points and 8 points respectively. Behind them are Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad with 8 points each.

While we have these four at the top of the table, the other teams aren’t too far behind with only a win separating them. Currently, we have Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans at number 5 and 6 with 3 wins from 6 games. Whereas Punjab Kings, Mumbai Indians, and Delhi Capitals are at 7, 8, and 9 respectively with 2 wins from 6 games respectively. Finally, we have Royal Challengers Bengaluru with just 1 win from 7 games.

Overall, 9 teams are still in contention for making the Playoffs with RCB almost out of the race. For RCB, situation looks bleak as they have only 1 win from 7 games, and will almost need to win all their remaining 7 matches. Nevertheless, how about we analyze the upcoming fixtures, and look at the best playoffs standings for IPL 2024? To simplify the analysis, we will look at the top 4 who are most likely to qualify basis the IPL 2024 Playoffs standings. 

#4: Mumbai Indians

M: 14 // PTS: 16 // NRR: +0.115

Next Three matches: PBKS (A), RR (A) & DC (A)

We have a surprise package right up as we expect Mumbai Indians to make it to the Playoffs even as they are currently in the 8th position. MI are improving game-on-game, and they currently have 2 wins from 6 games. They have 8 more games left, and of those 8 games, 3 are home games. MI play KKR, SRH, and LSG at home. All 3 matches shall be tough, so expect MI to win two of those. In the remaining 4 matches, they play  PBKS, RR, DC, LSG, and KKR, so expect MI to win 4 of these; thus taking their tally to 16 points.

With Mumbai Indians at 16 points, we also expect Sunrisers Hyderabad to finish at 16 points. Both these teams seem solid to finish in the top 4, but with MI playing their last game at home, there could be a scenario where they improve their NRR, and just edge SRH to finish in the top 4. While this is an optimistic scenario, if there is one team that can do that, it is the Mumbai Indians given the quality of this side on paper.  

Qualification Rank: 4

#3: Rajasthan Royals

M: 14 // PTS: 18 // NRR: +0.284

Next Three matches: KKR (A), MI (H) & LSG (A)

Rajasthan Royals should mostly finish at the number 3 position in the IPL 2024 Playoffs standings. They are currently nicely poised with 5 wins from 6 games. While this is a really nice sight, their upcoming matches will be a big challenge. They now have only one match left at Fortress Jaipur, and the other 7 matches including 2 home games at Guwahati are technically away games.

Expect RR to win 4 more matches from their remaining 8 matches. The ones they could find difficulty shall be the ones against MI, SRH, CSK, and LSG. They should win 4 of their remaining 8 matches to reach 18 points; neck-and-neck with CSK and KKR. But given their current NRR and upcoming losses, they should finish at the number 3 position. 

Qualification Rank: 3

#2: Chennai Super Kings

M: 14 // PTS: 18 // NRR: +0.652

Next Three matches: LSG (A), LSG (H) & SRH (H)

In the number 2 position, we should mostly see CSK with 9 wins from 14 games overall. CSK are currently at the number 3 position with 4 wins from 6 games. The good thing about CSK is they have 4 home games left. Seeing their current form, and Chennai being their fortress, expect CSK to win all 4 home games. This should take CSK to 14 points already. Now from the other 4 games, CSK looks solid to defeat RCB in Bengaluru and Punjab Kings in Punjab. Overall, this should take CSK’s tally to 18 points, but with a marginally better NRR as compared to RR.

Qualification Rank: 2

#1: Kolkata Knight Riders

M: 14 // PTS: 20 // NRR: +0.769

Next matches: RR(H), RCB (H) & PBKS (H)

At numero uno, we should see Kolkata Knight Riders with 10 wins from 14 games. KKR are currently doing pretty well with 4 wins from 5 games. They are off to a great start winning 4 of their first 5 matches, of which only two matches have been played at home. They look comfortable to finish in the top 2 given 5 of their remaining 9 matches are at home. Expect KKR to 4 of their remaining 8 home games, and another 2 more wins from the 4 away games. 

Qualification Rank: 1

So, that’s about the top 4 best playoffs points table standings teams for IPL 2024. Overall, CSK, RR, and KKR are almost sure of the playoffs spot. The four spots will see a tough fight between MI, LSG, SRH, and GT, but of the four, MI might take that spot with MI dominating the second half of the tournament.  

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