World Cup 2019 Semifinal qualification scenarios for all the teams

India, New Zealand, and Australia almost confirmed for the semifinal spot as we analyze the qualification scenario for World Cup 2019.

After a dull and predictable first half of World Cup 2019, the tournament has finally got the spark in the last few matches as we witnessed with few tight wins and upsets. 

It was all going according to plan with India, New Zealand, Australia and England almost confirmed to take the semifinal spots. However, England’s shocking defeat against Sri Lanka has opened up the game with 9 teams fighting for the final 4 spots.

We are already 29 matches into the tournament, but we still do not have a single team who has confirmed a spot in the final 4. So, with the tournament only getting interesting, this is the best time to analyze the semifinal qualification scenario for World Cup 2019. 

#1: England:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 8 | NRR: +1.457

England were cruising along for a definite semi-final slot, but a surprising upset against Sri Lanka have left their semi-final spot in disarray. 

They have 8 points from 6 games, and they are yet to face World Cup 2019’s toughest opponents, Australia, India, and New Zealand. The surprising fact is that England haven’t won a single match against these three since 1992 in World Cups. 

Of course, if you have to be the champion, you would have to forget the previous records, and focus on winning all the games. ‘However, a fact is still a fact, no matter how harsh it is’.


England need to win at the least 2 games to confirm their place in the top 4, however, a solo win will keep their semi-final spot in shambles.

Qualification Meter: Neutral

#2: Australia:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 10 | NRR: +0.849

Australia have been a fantastic side in this World Cup with their sole loss coming against the top notch, Indian side. They have 10 points from 6 games, and their next three matches are against England, New Zealand and South Africa.

Just like England, they would be facing three tough opponents; if you have a generosity to consider South Africa as a tough opponent.


Australia need just 1 win to guarantee themselves a spot in the top 4. However, even if they lose all 3, they can still qualify if they don’t end up losing with a big margin.

Qualification Meter: Positive

#3: South Africa:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 3 | NRR: -0.193

South Africa have just 1 win in 6 matches, with 1 important match being washed-out against West Indies.  Their next 3 matches are against the unpredictable, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the toughest one is against the mighty, Aussies.

However harsh it may sound, but their World Cup dream seems to be over, and almost a miracle can lift them to top 4.


They have to win all their next three matches with bigger margins. That would take them to 9 points. Even that would not guarantee them the semifinal spot as they would need other teams’ results to go in their favor.

Qualification Meter: Negative

#4: Sri Lanka:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 6 | NRR: -1.119

Srilanka’s World Cup campaign was almost over until they manufactured a magical upset against the tournament’s favorites, England. Currently, Srilanka have 6 points in 6 games with a negative NRR of -1.119. Their next three matches are against South Africa, West Indies, and India. Beating South Africa and West Indies wouldn’t be as challenging as compared to beating India, and they would need another magical upset to make it to top 4. 


Sri Lanka need to win all three to guarantee themselves the semi-final spot. However, 2 wins would still do provided they have N.R.R. better than the other teams.

Qualification Meter: Neutral

#5: Pakistan:

MAT: 5 | PTS: 3 | NRR: -1.933

Pakistan have been the most unpredictable side in this World Cup. They defeated England with ease, while succumbed against West Indies, India, and Australia. They currently have 3 points in 5 games, and their next four matches are against South Africa, New Zealand, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. 


Pakistan need to win all their remaining 4 matches to give themselves a chance to qualify for the top 4. A loss would see them packing their bags considering the NRR they have.

Qualification Meter: Negative

#6: Bangladesh:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 5 | NRR: -0.407

Bangladesh have been the fighters this tournament. They haven’t been as good in the bowling department as they have been in their batting department.

They currently have 5 points from 6 games, and their next three matches are against Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.


They need to win all the three games to give themselves a chance for the top 4 spots. If they lose one, they can still qualify provided they win at least 1 game by a bigger margin, and then hope other teams’ results fall in their favor.

Qualification Meter: Neutral

#7: New Zealand:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 11 | NRR: +1.306

New Zealand have been the best side in this World Cup alongside Team India. They have won all their matches with 1 important against India being washed-out.

With 11 points from 6 matches, New Zealand have almost qualified for the semi-finals.

Their next three matches are against Pakistan, Australia, and England. 


New Zealand need to win at least 1 game to guarantee themselves a spot in the top 4. However, even if they lose all their remaining matches, they can still qualify considering they have a superb NRR.

Qualification Meter: Positive

#8: West Indies:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 3 | NRR: +0.190

The dark horse of World Cup 2019 have had a rather disappointing campaign. After beginning so well against Pakistan, they haven’t had any success since then.

With 3 points from 6 games, their semi-final spot is in dire, and they would need a miracle to lift themselves in the top 4. Their next three matches are against India, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.


West Indies need to win all their remaining three matches, and then hope their positive NRR helps them sail through. A loss now would see them packing their bags.

Qualification Meter: Negative

#9: Afghanistan:

MAT: 6 | PTS: 0 | NRR: -1.712

Except for their against India, the promising Afghanistan side have been disappointing. They are yet to open their account with 6 losses in 6 games. 

They are the only team to have already been eliminated from World Cup 2019.


Afghanistan are already eliminated, but a win can boost their confidence, and they can take some pride going home.

Qualification Meter: Negative

#10: India:

MAT: 5 | PTS: 9 | NRR: +0.809

Alongside New Zealand, India have remained unbeaten in the tournament so far. A close fought encounter against Afghanistan did give India a little scar, but an incredible performance from the bowlers pulled it off for India.

Team India have 9 points in 5 games, and their next four matches are against West Indies, England, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 


Two wins in four games would guarantee them a spot in the final 4, but 1 win can also do if they have a better NRR.

Qualification Meter: Positive

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