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World Cup 2019 Stats Wizard: Bowling Performance Report Card

Jasprit Bumrah, Mitchell Starc, and Lockie Ferguson, the standout bowlers in our bowling performance report card of World Cup 2019.

World Cup 2019 has seen some unique display of bowling throughout the tournament. There’s the wicket-taker, Mitchell Starc,  the dependable, Jasprit Bumrah, the partnership breaker, Lockie Ferguson, the x-factorish, Jofra Archer, and many others. 

But, who takes the crown of the best bowler of the tournament?. Let’s find out in our bowling performance report card for World Cup 2019?.


As always, we have analyzed the bowling performances basis the performance rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as wickets taken, consistency, economy rate bonus, number of maidens, number of dot balls, and the number of match-winning spells. 

To leave out the biases and perceptions, we have kept things simple by comparing the overall performance rating of all the bowlers to find out the top bowlers of the World Cup 2019.

*Please note, only players who have played a minimum of 6 Innings are considered for evaluation.

Right then, let’s look at the performance of the top five bowlers of World Cup 2019.


INNS: 8 | WKTS: 17 | AVG: 21.05 | ER: 4.9


Mohammad Amir has turned the clock with his inspirational bowling giving us glimpses of the 19-year-old Mohammad Amir, who took the Cricketing world by storm. 

Amir has had a fairly good tournament accounting for 17 wickets from 8 innings at an average of 21.05, an economy rate of 4.9, and a consistency of 87.5%.

He was truly a one-man army during the initial stages of the tournament for Pakistan where he accounted for almost 42% of the team’s wickets. However, after Shaheen’s re-arrival, he couldn’t manage to hold on to the performance as he managed only 2 wickets in the next three matches.

Amir’s spell of 5-30 against Australia has easily been one of the best spells of the tournament. When most of the bowlers were going for more than 6.5 RPO, Amir gave only 30 runs, and accounted for 5 wickets.

Overall, for being the show-stopper for Pakistan, Mohammad Amir gets a performance rating of 8.22 with a total of 986.4 bowling points. 


INNS: 11 | WKTS: 20 | AVG: 23.05 | ER: 4.57


Having played just 3 ODIs before the World Cup, the England team couldn’t have asked for a better performance from the man, who kept his nerves in the Super Over to help them clinch the most awaited trophy.

Overall, Archer accounted for 20 wickets 11 outings with an average of 23.05, an economy rate of 4.57, and a consistency of 81.82%. 

Jofra Archer has truly been a match-winner for England with 3 match-winning performances. He has produced 371 dot balls; the most in the tournament, and he has been the second most economical bowler among bowlers with 10 wickets or more. 

Archer’s ability to take wickets upfront, and bowl economical spells at the death has been the most intriguing feature of his bowling. 

Overall, for being the x-factor for England, Jofra Archer gets a performance rating of 8.79 with a total of 1450.4 bowling points. 


INNS: 9 | WKTS: 21 | AVG: 19.47 | ER: 4.88


The bowler of the tournament for the middle-overs, Lockie Ferguson led many comebacks with his inspirational bowling in the middle-overs. 

Run-in with aggression, hitting the deck hard, and hurrying the batsman with a serious pace has been his mantra for success right throughout the tournament.  

Overall, Lockie accounted for 21 wickets from 9 innings at an average of 19.47 and an economy rate of 4.88. With just 1 failure in 9 outings, his consistency of 88.89% is the joint best alongside Jasprit Bumrah.

Overall, for being the best bowler in the middle-overs, Lockie Ferguson gets a performance rating of 8.92 with a total of 1203.9 bowling points. 


INNS: 10 | WKTS: 27 | AVG: 18.59 | ER: 5.43


The highest wicket-taker of the tournament, Mitchell Starc has bettered his World Cup 2015 performance, where he accounted for 22 wickets. A true wicket-taker, Mitchell Starc took wickets in a stampede having accounted for two 4-wicket hauls and two 5-wicket hauls; the most in the tournament.

Mitchell produced 4 match-winning spells for his team, and the best came against New Zealand where his 5-26 rattled the New Zealand batting while defending the low score of 243. Overall, Mitchell Starc managed to scalp 27 wickets from 10 outings with an average of 18.59, an economy rate of 5.43, and a consistency of 80%.

If not for his economy rate of 5.43, which is on a slightly higher side, he would have overtaken Jasprit Bumrah to become the best bowler of the tournament.  

Overall, for being a wicket-taker, Mitchell Starc gets a performance rating of 9.09 with a total of 1364 bowling points. 


INNS: 9 | WKTS: 18 | AVG: 20.61 | ER: 4.4


At numero uno, we have the Mr. Dependable from India, Jasprit Bumrah. 

A ‘go-to’ man for Virat Kohli when it comes to tough situations, Jasprit Bumrah has delivered whenever India were in trouble. Be his spell of 4-55 against Bangladesh, or his spell of 2-9 against West Indies, or his match-winning spell of 2-39 against Afghanistan, Bumrah has delivered in the toughest of tough situations.

While Bumrah may not have as many wickets as Starc, it is the fear he generates in the minds of the batsmen that separates him from the rest. Even when the teams tried to not take risks against him, Bumrah still managed to take 18 wickets from 9 outings at an average of 20.61 and an amazing economy rate of 4.41; the best among all bowlers who have taken 10 wickets or more.

It won’t be an overstatement to say, but Jasprit Bumrah is a modern-day legend, and the most reliable bowler when it comes to pressure situations. Overall, for being the Mr. Dependable, Jasprit Bumrah gets a performance rating of a perfect 10 with a total of 1354.9 bowling points. 

So, these were the top 5 bowlers in our bowling performance report card for World Cup 2019.

Shaheen Afridi and Mohammed Shami deserve a special mention as they have been sensational in the limited opportunities they have got in the team. Shaheen scalped 16 wickets from 5 outings. He produced the best spell of the tournament with his spell of 6-35 against Bangladesh. Whereas, Shami managed to scalp 14 wickets from just 4 outings with two 4-fers and one 5-fer to his name. 


Apart from these five, the other bowlers who have been equally good are,

  • MATT HENRY(NZ): 7.97 (1075.9)
  • TRENT BOULT(NZ): 7.83 (1174.5)
  • MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN(BAN): 7.58 (909)
  • CHRIS MORRIS(SA): 7.42 (779)


Here are some of the most interesting statistics in the bowling department

  • Most Wickets: Mitchell Starc | 27
  • Best Bowling Average (Min 10 wickets): Mohammed Shami | 13.78
  • Most Economical Bowler (Min 10 wickets): Jasprit Bumrah | 4.41
  • Maximum number of dot balls: Jofra Archer | 371
  • Most Maidens: Jasprit Bumrah | 9
  • Most four and five-wicket hauls: Mitchell Starc | 4
  • Best Strike Rate (Min 10 wickets): Mohammed Shami | 15.0
  • Most Consistent Bowler: Jasprit Bumrah and Lockie Ferguson | 88.89%
  • Most match-winning spells: Jasprit Bumrah and Mitchell Starc | 4

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