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World Cup 2019 Stats Wizard: Batting Performance Report Card

Shakib Al Hasan, Rohit Sharma, and Jason Roy, the standout batsmen in our batting performance report card of World Cup 2019.

A tournament filled with a stunning batting display, World Cup 2019 has seen as many as 7 players scoring 500 runs or more; the most any World Cup has seen.

This comes when surprisingly England’s pitches were two-paced, with the majority of them favoring the bowlers. Hence, we got to appreciate the kind of dedication few batsmen have shown.

Analyzing the performance of all the players hasn’t been an easy task once again, but the unique methodology that we have developed has helped me differentiate the players’ performance parameter wise. 

So, how did the batsmen perform as a whole, let’s find out in our batting performance report card for World Cup 2019?.


As always, we have analyzed the batting performances basis the performance rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, consistency, acceleration bonus (1), number of fours, number of sixes, and the match-winning knocks. 

To leave out the biases and perceptions, we have kept things simple by comparing the overall performance rating of all the batsmen to find out the top batsmen of the World Cup 2019.

Right then, let’s look at the performance of the top five batsmen of World Cup 2019.


INNS: 9 | RUNS: 578 | AVG: 82.57 | SR: 74.96


The one-man army of the New Zealand side, Kane Williamson has been the best captain batsman of World Cup 2019.

Kane Williamson has garnered a total of 578 runs from 9 innings at an average of 82.57 and a strike rate of 74.96, and his tally of 578 runs is the highest by any captain in a World Cup.

He is one of the only three players to have managed an average of 80+ in the tournament. His strike rate has been on the lower side, but, that’s because most of his knocks came in tough situations where the team demanded cautious batting.

Overall, Kane had 2 centuries to his name, 3 match-winning knocks, and consistency of 77.78%.

Kane’s knock of 148(154) against West Indies has been one of the most inspirational knocks as he single-handedly lifted New Zealand to 291/8 in 50 overs

Overall, for being the one-man army for New Zealand, Kane Williamson gets a performance rating of 7.2 with a total of 972 batting points. 


INNS: 10 | RUNS: 647 | AVG: 71.88 | SR: 89.36


After a superb IPL 2019, David Warner couldn’t have asked for a better return to International Cricket after serving a year-long ban. David Warner had stunning returns in World Cup 2019 as he ended as the second-highest run-getter of the tournament.

Overall, he scored a staggering 647 runs from 10 innings at an average of 71.88 and a strike rate of 89.36. David Warner had 3 match-winning knocks to his name, and the best came against Afghanistan where he scored the tournament’s highest score of 166(147) with 14 fours and 5 sixes. 

The only thing that Warner missed out on has been his consistency of 60%, which is the least among the top 5 batsmen. Also, If not for Jason Roy’s impactful knocks for England, David Warner would have definitely partnered Rohit Sharma at the top for the World Cup 2019 Team of the Tournament

Overall, for his stunning comeback, David Warner gets a performance rating of 7.3 with a total of 1094.4 batting points.


INNS: 7 | RUNS: 443 | AVG: 63.38 | SR: 115.36


The second best opener, and the most aggressive opener of the tournament, Jason Roy has been the savior for England. It was him, who revived England’s campaign when they were almost on the verge of elimination. His aggressive and fearless batting gave England the much-needed starts at the top; just like Virender Sehwag for India.

Overall, Roy played for only 7 innings, but managed a stunning 443 runs at an average of 63.38 and a strike rate of 115.36. Roy scored 4 fifties and a hundred in just 7 innings, and his consistency of 71.43% is fifth on the list of most consistent players of World Cup 2019.

Overall, for being the savior for England, Jason Roy gets a performance rating of 8.36 with a total of 1094.4 batting points.


INNS: 9 | RUNS: 648 | AVG: 81 | SR: 98.33


The best opener and the highest run-getter of the tournament, Rohit Sharma has taken his batting to another level this tournament.  Rohit Sharma managed a stunning 648 runs from 9 innings at an average of 81 and a strike rate of 98.33. He scored a record 5 centuries; the most by any batsman in a single edition of a World Cup. Of the 5 centuries, 3 came in succession; making him only the second Indian after Virat Kohli to achieve this feat.

Overall, Rohit Sharma had just 3 failures in 9 innings to his name with one against West Indies actually being a wrong LBW decision; thus giving him a consistency rating of 66.67%. If not for his failure in the knockouts, Rohit Sharma would have definitely scored a perfect 10; a record rare to achieve in such a long tournament. 

Overall, for his stunning determination, Rohit Sharma gets a performance rating of 8.98 with a total of 1211.8 batting points.


INNS: 8 | RUNS: 606 | AVG: 86.57 | SR: 96.03


The most consistent batsman and arguably the best batsman of World Cup 2019, Shakib Al Hasan has been in the form of his life this tournament.  He followed the mantra of ‘Eat sleep score runs and repeat’ so genuinely that he managed to score a consistency of a perfect 100% with 41 being his lowest score this tournament. 

Shakib managed to score a stunning 606 runs from 9 innings at an average of 86.57; the highest in the tournament and a strike rate of 96.03. Just like Kane Willamson for New Zealand, he single-handedly carried the Bangladesh batting scoring almost 29% of the team’s runs. 

Overall, for being the epitome of consistency, Shakib Al Hasan gets a performance rating of 9.38 with a total of 1125.3 batting points.

So, these were the top 5 batsmen in our batting performance report card of World Cup 2019.

Apart from these five, the other batsmen who have been equally good are,

  • Babar Azam: 6.87 (824.6)
  • Aaron Finch: 6.41 (961.1)
  • Ben Stokes: 6.23 (840.9)
  • Faf du Plessis: 6.18 (648.5)
  • Alex Carey: 6.13 (735.4)

Joe Root with a rating of 5.61 was the most surprising result. He missed out on account of 4 failures in 11 innings, including the one in the finals. Also, he played just 2 match-winning knocks in 11 innings. 


Here are some of the most interesting statistics in the batting department

  • Most Runs: Rohit Sharma | 648
  • Best Average: Shakib Al Hasan | 86.57
  • Most Centuries: Rohit Sharma | 5
  • Most Half Centuries: Shakib Al Hasan | 5
  • Best Strike Rate: Jos Buttler | 122.83
  • Most Consistent Player: Shakib Al Hasan | 100%
  • Most Sixes and Fours: Rohit Sharma | 81
  • Maximum Player of the Match awards: Rohit Sharma | 4

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