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Australia vs India 2019: Bowling Performance Report Card for ODIs

Pat Cummins and Jhye Richardson, the stand-out performers as we look at the bowling performance report card for the ODI series between India vs Australia.

Pat Cummins and Jhye Richardson were easily the best bowlers in the series. But, how did the other bowlers perform? Let’s find out in our bowling performance report card for ODIs from the Australia tour of India, 2019

In the last article, we saw the batting performance rate card where Virat Kohli and Usman Khawaja scored a perfect 10.

Team India went into their last tournament before the World Cup with full strength in the bowling department. However, as they had expected, Indian bowlers didn’t perform up to the expectations in their own backyard. 

Australia, on the other hand, were brilliant not just in the batting department, but also in the bowling department. Led by Pat Cummins, Jhye Richardson, and Adam Zampa, Australian bowlers had a superb tour.

So, how did the bowlers perform?. Without wasting too much time, let’s get into the performance report card of the top 5 bowlers from the series.

Like always, we have stuck to our unique methodology to calculate the bowling performance report card for the ODI series between India vs Australia.   


To calculate the performance points, we have considered the overall aspect of the game such as wickets taken, economy rate, maidens bowled, consistency and the man of the match points.

To leave out the biases and perceptions, we have kept things simple with our methodology by comparing the overall performance rating of the bowlers based on the following calculation.

Kindly note, a minimum of 3 matches are considered for evaluation.

#5: Jasprit Bumrah

5 Inns | 7 Wickets | 34.85 Avg. | 4.99 Eco. | Performance Rating: 5.55

Jasprit Bumrah, the world’s best limited-overs bowler did not have a good tournament. The numbers speak for itself as Jasprit Bumrah could manage only 7 wickets from 5 innings at an average of 34.85 and an economy rate of 4.99.

Jasprit Bumrah did have moments in parts as his best performance came in the second ODI where he gave away only 29 runs from 10 overs while accounting for 2 wickets.

However, Being the number one bowler, a lot is expected from Jasprit Bumrah. But, apart from that wonderful spell, he didn’t do anything outstanding.

Bumrah’s not so good performance is one of the reasons why India didn’t do that well in the tournament.

Overall, Jasprit Bumrah gets a performance rating of 5.55

#4: Kuldeep Yadav

5 Inns | 10 Wickets | 30.2 Avg. | 6.04 Eco. | Performance Rating: 6.5

Kuldeep Yadav was India’s best bowler, but was far from being the best as compared to his competitors. Even though Kuldeep took wickets at regular intervals, it was his economy rate that was disappointing.

Overall, he took 10 wickets from 5 innings at an average of 30.2 and an economy rate of 6.04. Kuldeep did take two 3-wicket hauls but consumed 54 and 64 runs from 10 overs in those matches.

Anyway, for his wicket-taking ability, Kuldeep Yadav gets a performance rating of 6.5

#3: Adam Zampa

5 Inns | 11 Wickets | 25.81 Avg. | 5.68 Eco. | Performance Rating: 7.7

Adam Zampa looked very impressive throughout the tournament. He bowled skillfully by playing on batsman’s mind.  Overall, Adam Zampa took 11 wickets from 5 innings at an average of 25.81 and an economy rate. of 5.68.

His best performance came in the third ODI where Australia were defending a total of 313. He did go for some hammering, but the way he troubled Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, and accounted for their wickets was absolutely commendable.

We can safely say that Adam Zampa was a better spinner in comparison to Kuldeep Yadav, and that showed in the overall performance too.

For his brilliant wicket-taking ability and tight spells, Adam Zampa gets a performance rating of 7.7

#2: Jhye Richardson

3 Inns | 8 Wickets | 21.12 Avg. | 6.03 Eco. | Performance Rating: 9.83

Jhye Richardson for me was the best bowler of the tournament. Not for his overall numbers, but in the three matches he played, he looked very impressive. His unique action and skiddy deliveries troubled the Indian batsmen a lot.

Overall, he took 8 wickets from 3 innings at an average of 21.12 and an economy rate of 6.03. These are impressive numbers, and if not for that slightly poor economy rate, he would have easily scored a perfect 10.  

Anyway, for his impressive bowling, Jhye Richardson gets a performance rating of 9.83

#1: Pat Cummins

5 Inns | 14 Wickets | 15.71 Avg. | 4.64 Eco. | Performance Rating: 10

Pat Cummins is the bowler of the Tournament for us based on our calculation. Not only did he take wickets, but he also bowled economically.

Overall, he took 14 wickets from 5 innings at an average of 15.71 and an economy rate of 4.65.
Such has been Cummins’s performance that the top 3 bowling performance belongs to him.

He is also the only bowler to take a 5-wicket haul. However, that was not his best performance. His best performance came in the second ODI where he took 4 wickets giving away only 29 runs from 9 overs.

Overall, Pat Cummins gets a performance rating of a perfect 10.

Apart from the above-mentioned bowlers, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Nathan Coulter Nile were good in the two matches they played in the series.

However, Ravindra Jadeja, Nathan Lyon, and Mohammed Shami had a slightly disappointing tournament.

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