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India vs SL 2020: T20I Series Player Ratings (Report Card)

Navdeep Saini and Shardul Thakur impress the most in our player performance report card for the 2020 India vs Sri Lanka (SL) T20I series.

India begin their 2020 campaign with a bang as they defeat the island neighbors, Sri Lanka 2-0 in the three-match T20I series. While the second T20I saw Sri Lanka giving a decent performance, in the third T20I, Sri Lanka looked completely out of the sorts in a high-scoring clash. 

For India, it was the bowlers who took all the limelight with some amazing performances from almost all the bowlers. In the batting department, both the openers, KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan were among runs, but KL Rahul was once again class apart with key performances in both the matches. 

Sri Lanka, meanwhile, didn’t see any stand-out performance from any of the batsmen or bowlers. While Wanindu Hasaranga and Dhananjay de Silva did decently, none other player made any significant impact in the series. 

So, analyzing the overall performance, what ratings do the players get? Let’s have look at our India vs Sri Lanka (SL) T20I series player performance report Card. 


Batting: As always, we have analyzed the batting performances basis the batting rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, consistency, relative % of team runs, and the number of match-winning and good knocks. 

Bowling: We have analyzed the bowling performances basis the bowling rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as wickets taken, consistency,  relative % of team wickets, and the number of match-winning and good spells. 

Right then, let’s look at the player ratings  (report card) of the top players during the 2020 India vs SL T20I series.

*Please note: The player who has played both the innings is considered for the evaluation.


#4: Dhananjaya de Silva 

Inns: 2 | Runs: 74 | Avg: 37 | SR: 151

Rating: 6

Dhananjaya de Silva looked Sri Lanka’s best batsman in the series, and was the only batsman who gave some fight to the Indian bowlers in the high-scoring third T20I. He scored a stunning fifty in the third T20I, and looked a batsman in form, but couldn’t finish it for his team. Overall, for scoring 74 runs at a strike rate of 151, Dhananjaya de Silva gets a rating of 6.  

#3: Virat Kohli

Inns: 2 | Runs: 56 | Avg: 56 | SR: 164.7

Rating: 6.9

After a stunning performance against West Indies, Virat had a rather modest series. However, he is not to be blamed for it as he batted in an unusual position. Kohli still managed to score well with a  total of 56 runs at a strike rate of 164.7. Virat Kohli gets a rating 6.9 for his performance. 

#2: Shikhar Dhawan

Inns: 2 | Runs: 84 | Avg: 42 | SR: 129.2

Rating: 7.3

Shikhar Dhawan has had decent returns in his comeback to the national side after the injury. Not quite as flamboyant as the Dhawan of the past, but he did show us the glimpses that he hasn’t lost his touch, and is getting into the groove for the bigger stage. A total of 84 runs at a strike rate of 129.3 gives Dhawan a rating of 7.3.

#1: KL Rahul

Inns: 2 | Runs: 99 | Avg: 49.5 | SR: 145.6

Rating: 8.6

Series after series, KL keeps producing some amazing performances. He was excellent in the series against West Indies, and has been equally good against Sri Lanka. KL Rahul played well in both the innings with a total of 99 runs altogether at a strike rate of 145.6. For being the best batsman, KL Rahul gets a rating of 8.4 for his performance. 


#5: Jasprit Bumrah

Inns: 2 | Wkts: 2 | Avg:18.5 | ER: 6.2

Rating: 5.5

The comeback speedster, Jasprit Bumrah had decent returns with the ball. In the second T20I, Bumrah had a decent spell of 1-32, but the third T20I was quite exceptional for Bumrah as he gave only 5 runs in his two overs, and accounted for a wicket. Overall, taking 2 wickets from 2 innings at an economy rate of 6.2 gets Jasprit Bumrah a rating of 5.5.

#4: Washington Sundar

Inns: 2 | Wkts: 3 | Avg: 22 | ER: 8.3

Rating: 6.2

Usually bowled in the powerplay, Washington Sundar was used in the middle-order to control the flow of runs as he played second-fiddle to the pacers, who breathe fire. He did decently as he took a total of 3 wickets at an economy rate of 8.25. Thus, Washington Sundar gets a rating of 6.2 for his performance. 

#3: Wanindu Hasaranga 

Inns: 2 || Wkts: 3 || Avg: 19 || ER: 7.1

Rating: 6.9

Sri Lanka’s best bowler of the tournament, and the only Sri Lankan in top 5, Wanindu Hasaranga produced many nervy moments in the game. His performance is also good enough with a total of 3 wickets at an economy rate of 7.1, and thus, Wanindu Hasaranga gets a rating of 6.9 for his performance. 

#2: Shardul Thakur

Inns: 2 | Wkts: 5 | Avg: 8.4 | ER: 6

Rating: 10

The best bowler of the series alongside Navdeep Saini, Shardul performed brilliantly in both the matches. In the second T20I, Shardul took an over hat-trick, and in the third T20I, he gave a brilliant all-round performance, and accounted for 2 wickets. Overall, for taking 5 wickets at an economy rate of 6, Shardul Thakur gets a rating of perfect 10. 

#1: Navdeep Saini 

Inns: 2 | Wkts: 5 | Avg: 9.2 | ER: 5.9

Rating: 10

Navdeep Saini had an exceptional series with the ball, and he remained the most economical bowler of the series with an economy rate of 5.9. Those two yorkers which he bowled at a pace of ~150KMPH were simply mind-blowing, and a treat to watch. Overall, for accounting 5 wickets at an economy rate of 5.9, Saini gets a rating of perfect 10.  

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