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T20 World Cup 2022: Semi-final Scenarios for all 12 Teams

India, South Africa, England, and New Zealand, the favorites as we look at the semi-final qualification scenarios for all 12 teams for T20 World Cup 2022.

We are in the final lap of the T20 World Cup 2022, and all teams are pushing toward a semi-final spot. 12 teams from two groups are battling it out to make sure they make it to secure the top 4 spots. Fortunately, none of the teams have qualified so far. 

To recap, New Zealand are heading the points table from Group 1 with 5 points. They are followed by Australia and England with 5 points each. Whereas from Group 2, India are leading the points table with 6 points, followed by South Africa with 5 points. Bangladesh are following India and South Africa with 4 points.

So, with the final lap of 2 matches for each team pending, let’s analyze the matches left to see which teams have the best shot at the final four spots. Here are the semi-final qualification scenarios for all 10 teams for T20 World Cup 2022. Meanwhile, as per the leading cricket website, Betway, India and New Zealand are favorites to qualify for the semi-finals with odds at 1.4.

Group 1:


P: 4 // W: 2 // PTS: 5 // NRR: +0.547

Next matches: Sri Lanka 

England saw the shocker of life when they were defeated by Ireland, but they have bounced back well with a big win over New Zealand. With 5 points from 4 games, their qualification scenario looks decent now. They will now face Sri Lanka, and will definitely have to win that match unless Australia lose to Afghanistan. If England win against Sri Lanka, Australia will find it very difficult to cover their NRR, and thus England should be able to qualify.  

Qualification Meter: Neutral


P: 4 // W: 2 // PTS: 5 // NRR: -0.304

Next match: Afghanistan

A win against Ireland have taken Australia to 5 points from 4 games. They would definitely need to win their last match vs Afghanistan to take them to 7 points. However, that would still not guarantee them a final 4 spot. They would have to hope England lose their next match against Sri Lanka. 

Qualification Meter: Neutral  

New Zealand

P: 4 // W: 2 // PTS: 5 // NRR: +2.233

Next matches: Ireland

New Zeland have been the best team of the T20 World Cup 2022 so far. With 5 points from 4 games, New Zealand lost their first game vs England. With a healthy NRR, all they have to do is win their last match vs Ireland. If they lose against Irelan, the only way they won’t qualify is if Australia and England win their remaining match. 

Qualification Meter: Positive

Sri Lanka

P: 4 // W: 2 // PTS: 4 // NRR: -0.457

Next matches: Afghanistan and England

Sri Lanka started the tournament well with a good win vs the Netherlands. However, successive defeats against Australia and New Zealand have left their campaign reeling. They are not out of the tournament yet. But to qualify, they would have to win their next match vs England, and then hope Australia lose their next match.

Qualification Meter: Negative

Ireland and Afghanistan

Qualification Meter: Eliminated

Group 2:


P: 4 // W: 3 // PTS: 6 // NRR: +0.730

Next match: Zimbabwe

Having started with back-to-back wins, India’s momentum was paused by South Africa. However,  a win over Bangladesh puts India in the driver’s seat for the Semi-final spot. India now have 6 points from 4 games with one last game to go against Zimbabwe.

If India win against Zimbabwe, they can go on the top of the points table if South Africa lose to Pakistan or Netherlands. However, if India lose to Zimbabwe, the only they will get eliminated is if Pakistan win both their remaining matches with a good margin. 

Qualification Meter: Positive

South Africa

P: 3 // W: 2 // PTS: 5 // NRR: +2.772

Next match: Pakistan and Netherlands

South Africa have been the second-best team in the tournament so far. Similar to New Zealand, South Africa haven’t suffered a defeat as yet, but had an unfortunate washout. With 5 points from 3 games, a win for them (Probably vs Netherlands) should be enough for them to qualify for the top 4. A loss against Pakistan should only dent their chances to finish as the group toppers.  

Qualification Meter: Positive


P: 4 // W: 2 // PTS: 4 // NRR: -1.276

Next match: SA

Bangladesh currently have 4 points from 4 games, but are all but eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2022. In order to qualify, Bangladesh will have to win their last match against Pakistan with a big margin, and then hope South Africa lose both their matches.  

Qualification Meter: Negative


P: 3 // W: 1 // PTS: 2 // NRR: +0.765

Next match: South Africa and Bangladesh

Pakistan are in a disarray this season with 2 big defeats and just a single win in T20 World Cup 2022 so far. After South Africa’s win over India, they are on the borderline for semi-final qualification. Undoubtedly, Pakistan will have to win both their matches and then hope South Africa lose against Netherlands and Bangladesh and Zimbabwe lose against India. Only then do they have a good chance of qualifying. 

Qualification Meter: Negative

Zimbabwe & Netherlands

P: 3 // W: 1 // PTS: 3 // NRR: -0.050

Qualification meter: Eliminated


So, that’s about the semi-final qualification scenario for all 12 teams for T20 World Cup 2022. Overall, New Zealand and South Africa are best placed to qualify for the semi-final. Realistically, India and England look like the next best teams to qualify with Australia and Zimbabwe having an outside chance.  

Thanks for reading! Looking at the qualification scenarios, which of these 4 teams do you think would qualify for the semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2022? Please email your thoughts to business@cricalytics.com

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