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IPL 2021: Latest Playoffs Qualification Scenarios for MI, PBKS, KKR & RR

IPL 2021: MI, PBKS, KKR, and RR pushing for the final spot as we look at their updated playoffs qualification scenarios.

4 days, 6 matches, 4 teams, and 1 Playoffs spot – that’s the hottest scenario for the rest of the IPL 2021. Such has been the competitiveness of this year’s IPL that only 1 team has been eliminated so far. While three teams have qualified for the Playoffs, none of them are yet confirmed to finish in the top 2. 

While three teams, Delhi Capitals, CSK, RCB fight for the top 2 spots, the excitement will once again lie in the fight for the final Playoffs spot. PBKS, MI, RR, and KKR have a match or two left, and all these 4 teams are in contention for the final Playoffs spot. 

As the excitement unfolds, let’s look at the Playoffs qualification scenarios for PBKS, MI, RR, and RCB for IPL 2021. Let’s analyze their matches, and also identify the probability of them going through to the Playoffs.  

Punjab Kings

M: 13 // P: 5 // NRR: – 0.241

Next match: CSK

Punjab Kings have only 1 match left, and their probability of going through to the Playoffs seems almost impossible. They have 10 points from 13 games, and a win will only take them to 12 points. However, the main issue for them is their negative NRR or – 0.241. Unfortunately, PBKS face CSK, and they would need a big win of more than 75 runs or chase the target of 175+ in 10 odd overs to better their NRR. 

In addition, PBKS would need KKR to lose their remaining match with a big margin, and MI & RR to lose one of their matches with a big margin. Only then, KKR, PBKS, and MI/RR shall consolidate on 12 points, and PBKS may qualify on account or a. Superior NRR – slightly unrealistic.  

Mumbai Indians

M: 12 // P: 10 // NRR: – 0.453

Next matches: RR and SRH 

Never did we would have imagined seeing the winners of IPL 2019 and IPL 2020, Mumbai Indians struggling to fight for the final Playoffs spot. What’s more, with just 10 points from 12 games with a – ve NRR of – 0.453. Mumbai Indians are almost on the verge of elimination. 

MI now face a must-win encounter in both their remaining matches against RR and SRH. Even if they win both, they would definitely need KKR to lose their remaining match. That’s when MI would be at 14,  KKR and RR would be at 12, and PBKS will anyway be maximum at 12 points. It is an optimistic probability of wanting to go all the things their way. 

Rajasthan Royals

M: 12 // P: 10 // NRR: -0.337

Next matches: MI and KKR

Similar to Mumbai Indians, RR now face a must-win encounter in both their remaining matches. Currently, RR have 10 points from 12 matches with a – ve NRR of – 0.337, and will now face KKR and MI. As MI, KKR, and RR matches are interconnected, any result of their matches will result in a conclusion for one of the teams or all three teams.

To qualify for the Playoffs, Rajasthan Royals will have to win both their matches, which will take them to 14 points. It is as simple as that. If they do this, NRR won’t come into the picture as KKR and MI will at max be at 12 points. Similarly, PBKS can at max get to 12 points, so they will anyway not hurt RR. 

Kolkata Knight Riders

M: 13 // P: 12 // NRR: +0.294

Next match: RR

Kolkata Knight Riders look the best team from the pending four teams to qualify for the Playoffs. They have 12 points from 13 games with a good NRR of +0.294. While Kolkata Knight Riders have only one match left, they have two shots of reaching the Playoffs of IPL 2021. 

If KKR win their last match against RR, they are almost through unless MI win both their match by a margin of more than 100 runs or chase the target of 175+ in less than 10 overs. But, if KKR lose their last match, they would want MI to win against RR and lose against SRH. This would mean KKR, MI, RR, and PBKS will at the max finish at 12 points, and KKR will qualify basis a superior NRR. 

So, that’s how the playoffs qualification scenario for IPL 2021 stands as of October 4, 2021. 


Analyzing the schedule, most of the things would be clear after the KKR vs RR match. By then, RR and PBKS’s fate would be known, and SRH vs MI Match shall be a knockout for MI if they win against RR. However, KKR are best placed to qualify for the Playoffs. MI and RR have an equally good chance with a minimum probability for PBKS of sneaking a backdoor entry. 

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