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India vs Australia 2020: ODI Series Player Report Card

India vs Australia 2020: Steve Smith, the standout player of the series as we look at the player performance report card for the ODI series.

After a one-sided affair in the first two ODIs, Team India and their fans had something to cheer about as India managed to turn things around in the final ODI. But, even the final ODI was dominated by Aussies until the 44th over with Maxi going berserk. But, Bumrah and Natarajan turned things around to give Team India their only win of the 3-match series. 

While the series was definitely short, it had all the excitement of a blockbuster series with batsmen playing the central role. Barring Australia’s inning in the final match, 300+ runs were scored in all the other 5 innings. Bowlers did have something for them, and a few bowlers did stand out. 

So, how did the players perform overall? In the batsmen-dominated series, how did the bowlers pan out? Let’s find out in our India vs Australia ODI series Player Performance Report card. Before that, let’s quickly understand our unique and unbiased methodology.

Stats Wizard Methodology:

Batting: As always, we have analyzed the batting performances basis the batting rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as runs scored, strike rate bonus, consistency, number of fours & Sixes, and the number of match-winning & good knocks. 

Bowling: We have analyzed the bowling performances basis the bowling rating calculated from the overall aspect of the game such as wickets taken, economy rate bonus, consistency, dot balls, maidens, and the number of match-winning and good spells. 


#5: Hardik Pandya (India)

Inns: 3 || Runs: 210 || Avg: 105 || SR: 114.8 || Rating: 9.8

Before the series, there were questions on whether Hardik Pandya would be able to justify his place as a pure batsman. But, Hardik Pandya has silenced all his critics by giving the performance of the ages. Playing as a finisher, Hardik managed to be the leading run-scorer for Team India with 2 fifties. He displayed extreme maturity in all the 3 knocks, and to complement that was his SR of 114.8. So, Hardik gets a rating of 9.8 for his performance. 

#4: David Warner (Aus)

Inns: 2 || Runs: 152 || Avg: 76 || SR: 99.3 || Rating: 10

David Warner played only 2 knocks, but scored big in both the matches with the scores reading 83 and 69. Both were match-winning knocks, and his opening partnership with Finch was the highlight of the series. Unfortunately, Warner was replaced in the 3rd ODI due to a groin injury. Nevertheless, for a superb performance, David Warner gets a rating of 10. 

#3: Glenn Maxwell (Aus)

Inns: 3 || Runs: 167 || Avg: 83.5 || SR: 194.2 || Rating: 10

It is quite ironic that the player who managed to score only 100 runs in the entire IPL without hitting a six, made a tremendous turnaround in just his next series. Maxwell lit up the eyes of many fans across the world with his breathtaking performance. A total of 167 runs from 3 innings at a spell-bounding Strike rate of 194.2 with 11 sixes speaks volumes of his turnaround. So, for a performance worth remembering, Maxi gets a perfect rating of a 10. 

#2: Aaron Finch (Aus)

Inns: 3 || Runs: 249 || Avg: 83 || SR: 90.5 || Rating: 10

The amount of runs Finch managed in the entire IPL, he could manage to do that in only 3 ODI matches, and that too the immediate next series. Finch played well in all three matches with 1 century and 2 fifties to his name. He is the leading run-scorer of the tournament with 249 runs. So, for a Captain’s performance, Finch gets a perfect rating of 10.  

#1: Steve Smith (Aus) 

Inns: 3 || Runs: 216 || Avg: 72 || SR: 148.9 || Rating: 10

Steve Smith seems to have a code in his mind when he plays against India. It’s like he just has to turn on that code, and the run flow starts coming automatically. He has been stunning in this series with 2 magnificent centuries off 60-odd balls. Only if he had scored well in the last ODI, it would have been a series worth remembering. Nevertheless, with 216 runs at a strike rate of 148.9, Steve Smith gets a perfect rating of 10 for his performance.


#4: Jasprit Bumrah ( India) 

Inns: 3 || Wkts: 4 || Avg: 48.8 | ER: 6.6 || Rating: 4.6 

A poor outing in the first two ODIs, but a match-winning spell in the final ODI highlights Jasprit Bumrah’s performance in the ODI series. Being the premier bowler, Bumrah has an under-whelming series with just 4 wickets from 3 matches; that too at an economy rate of 6.6. So, Bumrah gets a rating of 4.6.

#3: Mohammed Shami (India) 

Inns: 2 || Wkts: 4 || Avg: 33 || ER: 6.9 || Rating: 6.4 

Played only 2 matches and being rested in the third ODI, Shami easily looked the best Indian bowler of the series with 4 wickets from 2 outings. He bowled a brilliant spell of 3-59 in the first ODI, but had poor returns in the second one. He looked good overall, but not as good as his IPL. Nevertheless, Shami gets a rating of 6.4 for his performance. 

#2: Josh Hazlewood (Aus)

Inns: 3 || Wkts: 6 || Avg: 30 || ER: 6.2 || Rating: 7.4

The second-best bowler of the series, Hazlewood looked the only pace bowler with the perfect control on it’s line and length. He didn’t have a good outing in the third ODI, but with a good performance in the first 2 ODIs, Hazlewood managed 6 scalps from 3 innings. With that, Hazlewood gets a rating of 7.4. 

#1: Adam Zampa (Aus)

Inns: 3 || Wkts: 7 || Avg: 23 || ER: 5.6 || Rating: 9.2 

Without a doubt the bowler of the series. Adam Zampa made middle-overs tough for the Indian batsmen as they were not able to build partnerships as desired. He is the leading wicket-taker of the series with 7 wickets from 3 innings at a good economy rate of 5.6. So, for a stunning display of bowling, Zampa gets a rating of 9.2. 

Apart from these 5, the other top players have the following rating, 

  1. KL Rahul (India) – 4.3
  2. Shikhar Dhawan (India): 5.8
  3. Yuzvendra Chahal (India) – 1.8 
  4. Pat Cummins (Aus) – 5.5
  5. Mitchell Starc (Aus) – 2
  6. Ravindra Jadeja (India) – 5.9 

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