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IPL 2022: 10 Teams Format Changes Explained – What’s New?

10 teams waiting to enter a  thrilling competition as we look at the updated format changes for IPL 2022. 

The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League is going to change the fate of the tournament in the biggest positive fashion. While the addition of the two new teams and format isn’t something new, it is the influx of the money that the two new teams are going to bring is something that is never heard of. 

After a bidding war between 9 respectful bidders, the RPSG group owned by Sanjeev Goenka and the Irelia group won the bids for Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises respectively. While the Lucknow franchise was won for a record bid of INR 7090 crores, the Ahmedabad franchise was won for a bid of INR 5625 Crores. 

The amount of money is something that is never heard of. For example, when IPL was introduced in 2008, Mumbai Indians had bid successfully for the Mumbai franchise for USD 112 million; INR 480 crores back then. The monetary value associated with the brand IPL will make it stand in the leagues of some of the leading Football and NBA leagues in the world.

Given the huge increase in brand value of IPL, the odds for the league have been increased significantly as seen in cricket betting sites and apps. Nevertheless, with two new teams getting added to the tournament, IPL shall see the format being altered from the traditional IPL format to the one that was witnessed in IPL 2011. So, what are the changes to the traditional IPL format? Let’s look at the changes and a detailed explanation of the new format. 

10 Teams and Old Format:

Now,  we all are already familiar with the 8 core teams in IPL which comprises Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Now, we have two more teams for the Ahmedabad and Lucknow franchises; both the franchises are yet to be named officially.

Had IPL 2022 been a traditional IPL format with each team playing against each other at home, we would have witnessed a total of 94 matches; 34 more than the regular 60 matches. But the 2022 format won’t see the traditional format, but instead, will see the teams adopting the 2011 format. 

IPL 2022 New Format:

According to the new format, 10 teams will be randomly divided into two groups of 5 teams each. This will be done via a random draw, thus until the schedule is prepared, no one shall know which team belongs to which group. 

To understand the new format, let’s consider a scenario for Chennai Super Kings. Let’s assume a draw where CSK, Delhi Capitals, KKR, MI, and Ahmedabad are placed in Group A. Whereas PBKS, RR, RCB, SRH, and Lucknow are placed in Group B. In this scenario, CSK will play Delhi Capitals, KKR, MI, and Ahmedabad at home as well as away from home; thus a total of 8 matches. 

From Group B, a randomly drawn team shall see CSK play them at home and away from home. Whereas the other four teams shall see CSK play once. Overall, CSK would play 7 home matches and 7 away matches. Similar to CSK, every team shall play their group members twice, one random member from another group twice, and the other 4 teams once.  

Post the group stage matches, the top 4 teams from the points table shall play the Playoff matches. This will be very much similar to what we have been seeing in traditional IPL format. The top 2 teams shall play Qualifier 1. The bottom 2 teams shall play the Eliminator. The winner of the EL and the loser of Q1 shall then play Qualifier 2. The winner of Q2 shall play the final vs the winner of Q1.  

Total Matches:

Overall, IPL 2022 shall see a total of  70 group stage matches and 4 Playoffs matches. Given the non-adoption of the traditional IPL format, there is a reduction in 20 matches; thus reducing the tournament duration by almost 2-3 weeks. So, that’s how the IPL 2022 format shall see the new changes. 

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