Better late than Never says Virat Kohli in his bottle cap challenge

Better late than never says Virat Kohli as he takes up the bottle cap challenge in a unique way.  

The bottle cap challenge has been a rage among many sports personalities. Everyone has tried unique ways of coming up with their own version of the Bottle Cap Challenges. They have either used it to promote social messages, as a publicity stunt, or to showcase their skills. 

Anyway, we all know how close Ravi Shastri is to Virat Kohli. Kohli has even expressed his desire for Ravi Shastri to continue as the coach of the Indian Cricket Team.

So, In the latest bottle cap challenge, the Indian Cricket Team captain, Virat Kohli is seen taking the challenge in a unique way. In the video, Virat Kohli is seen hitting the bottle cap batting left-handed with Ravi Shastri’s unique commentary voice running in the background. 

Virat Kohli does hit the bulls-eye with his shot, but it is Ravi Shastri that takes up the entire footage with his voice, which has been a rage for many special match situations.

While we may not agree on Ravi Shastri, the coach, but, Ravi Shastri, the commentator has been one of our favorites with his dynamics voice that has graced so many special occasions.  

So, here’s the complete video of Virat Kohli’s Bottle Cap Challenge. Hope you guys like it.

Meanwhile, Team India are set to play their second ODI against West Indies after first ODI got washed-out. It is expected that Team India would be fielding the same XI that played the first ODI.   

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