Exclusive: Virat Kohli’s new look is too cool to be missed

Virat Kohli surprises everyone with this new uber-cool COVID-19 look.

With India currently under lockdown to fight the contagious COVID-19 pandemic, mostly everyone is working from home. Most of us are keeping ourselves motivated by undertaking various unique activities at home. Some people are doing Yoga, some have turned themselves into chefs, some are engaged in watching Ramayan, some are busy in watching the archived movies and cricket matches, and some busy in other activities.

With social distancing taking a centre stage, personal grooming has been affected a lot due to the closure of all the salons.  As there is no other option left, we are bound to perform all these activities by ourselves. Be it haircut, shaving, trimming, waxing, or any other personal grooming stuff, we need to use all our resources available at home to complete the above tasks; which otherwise would have been done by a professional from a salon. 

As we groom ourselves with unique ideas, the Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli just dropped a new video. We can see him trimming his beloved beard, and giving it a Uber-cool look- we call it the COVID-19 look. 

So, here’s the look at the before and after version of Virat Kohli’s new look.

Virat Kohli new COVID-19 look of 2020
Virat Kohli’s new uber-cool look

Twitter Post: 

Here’s Virat Kohli’s latest post highlighting his new uber-cool look.

While we leave on to the fans to decide which look they like, we are just happy to see a new activity from our captain. We miss him on the field, and with IPL 2020 postponed indefinitely, it will take months for Virat Kohli to come on the field. Until then, such videos will keep us engaged and motivated. 

Thanks for reading! Do you like the new uber-cool look of Virat Kohli? Please, let’s know in the comments. 


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