Virender Sehwag has a humorous take on his lack of footwork

Virender Sehwag reveals the ‘Ramayana’ connect with the epic Angad Ji scene.

Hailed for his efficient hand-eye coordination, Virender Sehwag seldom relied on his footwork while batting. However, the aggressive opener redefined the way opening batting in Test Cricket was perceived.

For other openers, seeing off the new ball meant wearing down the shine by leaving and grinding it out for the first couple of hours. However, for Sehwag, it meant thrashing the new ball into the fence and running it down the outfield as often as possible.

On Sunday, Virender Sehwag humorously tweeted a certain scene from the Ramayana epic, being telecasted on Doordarshan amidst the lockdown.

Virender Sehwag tweeted a scene from Ravan’s court, where Angad – Bali’s son and a member of the Vanara Sena – is standing strong as one of Ravan’s generals tries to move his feet as part of a challenge. Alongside the tweet, he funnily quoted dialogue from the movie ‘Don’ “Pair hilana mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai. #Angad Ji Rocks”

Twitter Post: 

While Sehwag had a humorous take on his lack of footwork, he was often criticized for it. Despite that, he was a genius wielding the willow, slaughtering the bowlers and demoralizing the opposition as he ended up with more than 8000 runs in both Tests and ODI’s, hence proving a lot of critics wrong. 

Aside from his on-field entertainment, Sehwag is currently entertaining us with his witty on Twitter. We wish Virender Sehwag continues to entertain us.

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